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Burbank residents asked to reduce outdoor water use

Burbank residents asked to reduce outdoor water use

Burbank residents are being asked to cut back on outdoor water use even more during the winter months as California continues to endure a severe drought.


City settles over fund transfer

The city of Burbank has finalized a settlement in a lawsuit that claimed its long-running practice of transferring certain funds from the city's utility to its General Fund is illegal.


Multiple topics addressed at Burbank town hall meeting

Burbank residents voiced a variety of concerns at a town hall meeting on Tuesday, including water restrictions, parking, graffiti and grime and criticism of the city's smoking-ban ordinance.

Inventory shrinks as home costs continue to rise

The median price for a single-family home in Burbank was up last month, compared to the same time last year, but the number of homes for sale was down significantly, according to the latest real estate report.


Numbers grow at Bob Hope Airport

For the first time in more than six years, the number of passengers at Bob Hope Airport was up more than 5% in September, according to the latest statistics.


Burbank native takes head-shot studio on the road

The bright magenta van parked alongside Pan Pacific Park near the Grove could be mistaken for any one of the scores of gourmet food trucks roaming the streets of Los Angeles.




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