Movie Reviews

'November Man' script undercuts Pierce Brosnan's performance

It's no secret that Bond movies aren't spy movies. They're good guy/bad guy adventures as unconcerned with ambiguity as fairy tales.

'The Prince' appears more like a pauper in the thriller department

Another wish-fulfillment thriller scenario for overprotective dads, "The Prince" has taciturn auto mechanic Paul (Jason Patric) hotfooting it to New Orleans to hunt down his missing daughter (Gia Mantegna), presumed to be under the drugged sway of a dealer named the Pharmacy (Curtis "50 Cent"...

'Are You Here' is a gentle buddy movie with charm

Hopes have run understandably high for the first major feature film effort from Matthew Weiner, creator and executive producer of TV's brilliant "Mad Men." But between some negative advance reviews and a reportedly underwhelming debut at last year's Toronto International Film Festival, "Are You...

Betsy Sharkey: With 'The One I Love,' a relationship gets trippy

There is something slightly subversive and satisfyingly spot on when a movie about love and marriage turns on a solitary detail.

Kenneth Turan : 'Frank' an offbeat dive through the looking glass of creativity

Odd, offbeat, somehow endearing, the bleakly comic "Frank" has its own kind of charm as well as some pointed, poignant things to say about the mysterious nature of creativity, where it comes from and where it might all go.

'14 Blades' cuts right into martial arts action

The Chinese import "14 Blades," shot in 2009, is a kind of Eastern western whose one-note characters and convoluted plot are nearly swallowed up whole by this martial arts film's dizzyingly wrought action scenes. Fortunately, director, co-writer and production designer Daniel Lee keeps things moving...

Rabindranath Tagore documentary doesn't do him justice

Nobel laureate, knight and all-around Renaissance man Rabindranath Tagore (1861-1941) composed, wrote, painted, earned raves from William Butler Yeats, hobnobbed with Mahatma Gandhi and Albert Einstein, gave the Hibbert Lectures at University of Oxford and even founded the Visva-Bharati University....

Not much 'Jealousy,' or any other emotion, for that matter

With its fragmentary scenes and the sumptuous black-and-white palette created by New Wave cinematographer Willy Kurant, "Jealousy" has a dreamy quality, its Parisian characters not rooted in time. Dreams are rarely as languid, though, or as filled with self-conscious posturing, as veteran...

'Abuse of Weakness' an exquisite tale of manipulation

Trying to explain the inexplicable, the central character in Catherine Breillat's cool, oblique and fascinating "Abuse of Weakness" says, "It was me, but it wasn't me." She's a film director recuperating from a debilitating stroke, and she's forced to confront a discomfiting truth: Over a period...

'When the Game Stands Tall' is disingenuous and patronizing

A true tale of high school football achievement becomes a strained, by-the-numbers grab bag of uplift in the Christian sports drama "When the Game Stands Tall."

'The Possession of Michael King' fails at found-footage fad

In "The Possession of Michael King," the title character (Shane Johnson) sets out to debunk dark magic for a documentary. He blames a psychic's advice for the accidental death of his wife, so he wants to get the word out that all this abracadabra is nothing but a bunch of baloney.

'Jersey Shore Massacre' wallows in misogynist gore

The horror comedy "Jersey Shore Massacre" has, if this matters to you, official sanction from an alum of the MTV show alluded to in the title: Jenni "JWoww" Farley is credited as an executive producer.