Movie Reviews

SXSW 2014: Mafia takes 'Leave' on film

A certain fatigue had set in for the multiplatinum-selling electronic dance music act Swedish House Mafia in 2012. By the three members' own estimate, they had partied hard five days a week for six years straight, consuming mass quantities of booze and chemical stimulation, living the hedonistic...

Review: 'Lunchbox' a delectable take on the hunger for connection

To the small but choice list of films that gracefully mix a passion for food with other potent emotions — think "Babette's Feast," "Eat Drink Man Woman," "Big Night," even "Ratatouille" — you can add one more: "The Lunchbox."

Review: 'Dancing on a Dry Salt Lake' stumbles to spiritual awakening

There's something dispiritingly familiar about "Dancing on a Dry Salt Lake," writer-director-star Dominique De Fazio's tale of a white man's journey into Native American mysticism.

Review: 'Jews of Nigeria' serves to inspire

Now here's something you don't see every day: A circle of African men chanting Hebrew prayers while wearing tallitot (prayer shawls) and yarmulkes (skull caps) along with their dashikis — not to mention scenes of African women lighting Sabbath candles and diligently preparing...

Review: 'Narco Cultura' looks at Juarez murders, narcocorridos

We know too much about Mexico's drug war and not enough. We hear about it constantly, about the 60,000 murders and the slaughter of innocents, but getting a sense of what that means on the ground — and how pervasive its cultural influence is — is harder to come by. The potent documentary...

Review: Despite thin plot, 'Sugar' instructs on homelessness

In the fitfully moving "Sugar," director Rotimi Rainwater translates to the big screen his own nine months of living on the streets. Opening during Homeless Youth Awareness Month, his snapshot of teenage boardwalk-dwellers eking out an existence on Venice Beach is more successful as an instructive...