Burbank Unified uses grant money to purchase 200-plus new computers

Burbank Unified school officials have made their first big dent in a $1.4-million grant the district was awarded earlier this year to create educational pathways for students to take from school into their careers.

Students work to get out the vote

With hopes of boosting voter registration and turnout, Burbank is looking to local high school and college students for fresh ideas.

Study focuses on teen smoking, e-cigarettes

More teenagers in middle school and high school reported using electronic cigarettes rather than tobacco cigarettes within about 30 days of taking a government-sponsored survey recently published by Monitoring the Future, an organization conducting an ongoing study of the behavior of secondary...

Burbank school board hires search firm for next superintendent

Burbank school board hires search firm for next superintendent

The Burbank school board agreed to hire Leadership Associates to search for its next superintendent, who will take the helm of Burbank’s 20 campuses by July.

Feet poked by playground wood chips spur change

Feet poked by playground wood chips spur change

After two students and an instructional aide had their feet poked with playground wood chips at Washington Elementary, the Burbank Unified school board has agreed to spend about $80,000 to replace the wood chips with artificial turf.

Burbank school board race heats up

Three open seats on the Burbank school board have drawn six candidates, but only one is an incumbent.

Burroughs High gets new principal

Deborah Madrigal will take the helm of John Burroughs High School in December, Burbank educators announced this past Thursday during a meeting of the Burbank Unified school board.

Homework talk sparks 'spirited debate'

Guidelines that suggest how long students should spend on homework were reviewed by the Burbank Unified school board last week during a meeting that had a teacher and former student speak out against them.

Task force talks homework

Burbank school officials on Thursday will discuss the final draft of homework guidelines created by parents and teachers that define what homework is and suggest how much time students should spend doing it.

School bill is labeled 'lunacy'

A bill that prohibits school administrators from expelling students if they willfully defy educators, set to take effect next year, was panned by Burbank school officials last week.

Tests show student fitness

A quarter of Burbank fifth graders tested on their physical abilities need to improve their aerobic capacity when they run or walk, as do 15% of seventh-graders and 16% of high school freshman, according to a study released by the California Department of Education.

Arts foundation donation is highest in its history

The Burbank Arts For All Foundation recently wrote a check for $30,585 to support arts programs in Burbank schools — the biggest check it’s delivered during any one of its twice-a-year grant cycles since it was established in 2006.

French attache promotes study abroad

Students in French-language classes at John Burroughs High School were visited by a representative of the French Embassy promoting study abroad and university programs in the nation known for its art, literature and food.

Burbank Unified to review search firms to find next superintendent

Burbank Unified to review search firms to find next superintendent

School officials have sent requests to five search firms, looking for proposals from them to take on the search for Burbank Unified’s next superintendent.

Four to vie for open seats on Burbank school board

With three open seats on the Burbank Unified school board this coming spring, at least four people intend to toss their hats into the ring.

Geeks kick off Spirit Week

Geeks kick off Spirit Week

Burbank High students showed up to school on Monday in their pajamas to start off the school’s Spirit Week, which will end with them dressed in the school’s blue-and-white colors on Friday to participate in their annual fall rally.

Food rules are tough to swallow

Food rules are tough to swallow

Under growing pressure from state and federal officials, Burbank Unified school district officials are heavily enforcing a rule that prohibits students from fundraising during school hours by selling items available in the cafeteria.

Educators, business leaders launch partnership

Glendale Community College on Wednesday hosted the launch of a new partnership between businesses in the Verdugo region and educators in the Burbank and Glendale school districts, the college and Cal State Northridge to build pathways for students entering careers into highly-skilled jobs that pay...

Burbank elementary students share kind words for Unity Day

Burbank elementary students share kind words for Unity Day

The entrance to Burbank City Hall was “tinted” orange on Saturday, thanks to hundreds of students promoting unity and peace.

Burroughs High principal earns promotion

Burroughs High principal earns promotion

John Burroughs High Principal John Paramo, who took the helm of the campus in 2012, has been promoted to oversee secondary education in Burbank — an administrative districtwide position, according to school officials.

BUSD superintendent to step down

BUSD superintendent to step down

The Burbank school board thanked Burbank Unified Supt. Jan Britz during their Thursday night meeting, hours after she announced she would retire in June, closing the door on 40 years of work in education, about 10 years in Burbank and two in the district’s top job.

Meeting focuses on student training

In an unprecedented move, the Burbank school board and City Council held a special meeting to contemplate creating partnerships with local businesses and industry leaders to provide students hands-on training for local, in-demand careers.

Burbank City Council, school board to meet in special joint session

The Burbank City Council and School Board will conduct a study session on career technical education during a special joint meeting to be held at 6:30 p.m. on Monday in the auditorium of John Burroughs High School, 1920 W. Clark Ave.

School officials revise safety plans

When school was in session at Walt Disney Elementary between August 2013 and June 2014, roughly 30 crimes occurred in the vicinity near the school including grand theft, battery and public intoxication.

Police: Teen suspected of posting threat

A 16-year-old John Burroughs High School student was in custody on Friday after reportedly posting a threatening message on Twitter Thursday evening, police said.