Jefferson Elementary School hummingbird and butterfly garden in Burbank

First and fifth graders at the Jefferson Elementary School hummingbird and butterfly garden at the Burbank school's campus on Tuesday, April 15, 2014. The garden is maintained by first and fifth grader students. (Raul Roa / Staff Photographer / April 15, 2014)

Jefferson Elementary has a new hummingbird garden on its campus, which also features a butterfly habitat.

Like the nearby butterfly area, the hummingbird garden has flowers, feeders and baths to welcome the small, energetic birds.

The garden was built with help from a $2,000 grant ING Direct that helped pay for supplies.

A local Boy Scout named Ryan Austin coordinated the overhaul of the garden area as his Eagle Scout project, said first-grade teacher Kim Anderson.

Anderson's students, along with fifth-graders from teacher Tish Reed's class, will study, explore and maintain the garden.

-- Kelly Corrigan,

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