The Nor'easter blew in Wednesday and blanketed the region in snow. In Oceanside, Long Island wet, heavy snow rested on tangled power lines and leaning trees Thursday. The community, still reeling from Hurricane Sandy now has about 6 inches of snow to deal with. Many residents still do not have electricity and have no idea when it is coming back on.

"We've called several times. We get different answers each time we call. First time was 90 percent of Long Island would be up by yesterday evening, which is not true. Now we're hearing it could be up to two weeks, which would take us into Thanksgiving," said Oceanside resident Andrew Horn.

"It's just a terrible lack of communication between LIPA and the customers. Nobody's come out here, nobody's talked to us and we're very frustrated at this point," said Horn, a resident of Bunker Drive.

As of Thursday morning more than 200,000 Long Island Power Authority customers still did not have electricity. LIPA had said it was working toward restoring 90 percent of its customers by Wednesday night. That clearly did not happen.

"It's beyond cold -- it's dangerous," said Horn's neighbor, Steve Rubin. "My mother-in-law is living with me because she got displaced. She's 70-something-years-old. She's freezing. We got 16 blankets on my kids."

LIPA told PIX 11 News that approximately 8,000 crews were out working to restore power Thursday. But as the utility assesses the damage from the Nor'easter combined with Sandy damage, it would not give a new time table for power restoration.

The lucky people who have had generators since Sandy are able power some heat and lights in their homes in shifts. But the gasoline that is needed to power the generators is still hard to get, especially near Oceanside in Nassau County.