Leader Editorial: Burbank would benefit from cooler heads all around

City Manager Mark Scott says that a closed-door evaluation session with the City Council this week left him feeling “energized.” Inasmuch as we...

Leader Editorial: Board should work to remedy nursing shortage

It is a truism that healthy children are in a better position to learn in the classroom. Unfortunately, it’s also a sad fact of life that the role of a school nurse — who is on campus to help insure students’ well-being — often goes overlooked or underestimated.

Leader Editorial: Work over policy, not each other

Things heated up this week at City Hall. During a six-hour meeting Tuesday, residents scolded city employees, council members snipped at one another about...

Editorial: Last chance to meet the ACA deadline

No matter your politics or opinion of the Affordable Care Act, it is law and we have now arrived at the end of the insurance enrollment grace period. By midnight Monday, the procrastinators among us must at least begin the application process. These latecomers will then have an extra two weeks to...

Editorial: Could the cost of insurance drive more awareness?

It probably came as little surprise to local motorists to learn Glendale and Burbank are in the No. 1 and No. 6 spots, respectively, on a report published this...

Leader Editorial: The lights go up on a new stage

Burbank's previous claim to fame as home of "The Tonight Show" will shift by 2016 to the "Home of the Most Gigantic IKEA in the United States," following the unanimous decision this week of the City Council to approve the Swedish retailer’s plans to build a new 470,000-square-foot store on San...

Leader Editorial: Town hall meeting carries on tradition

Burbank residents turned out this week for a town hall event where they had the opportunity to express their opinions and concerns on a host of...

Leader Editorial: School's safety is nothing to put off

Leader Editorial: School's safety is nothing to put off

Since a new roof was installed at David Starr Jordan Middle School last summer, fumes have intermittently been reported coming from the roof over the main office. School...

Leader Editorial: Officials made a right turn

In a rare unanimous vote, the Burbank City Council this month approved a four-way stop sign at the intersection of Oak and Myers streets to improve the...

Editorial: Your paper has not gone away

Some changes went into effect this week relating to the delivery of the Burbank Leader and Glendale News-Press that have caused a stir. Some of our loyal readers can’t find their newspaper in the usual racks that have long stood along the two cities’ thoroughfares and near supermarket...

Editorial: A fond farewell as 'Tonight Show' bows out

Editorial: A fond farewell as 'Tonight Show' bows out

A choked-up Jay Leno on Thursday night said his final goodbye to his viewing audience — a loyal base who kept “The Tonight Show” No. 1 in the ratings season...

Leader Editorial: Lawsuits could result from changing plan

Although a majority of the Burbank City Council earlier this month passed the housing element of its general plan as required by law, it is in limbo — at least temporarily.

Leader Editorial: Lessons from language-immersion success

The Spanish dual-language immersion program launched at a Disney Elementary kindergarten class this year has been so well-received by educators and parents alike that...

Editorial: Northridge anniversary is a good time to plan ahead

As has been widely recalled this week those who lived here at the time, it was 20 years ago, on Jan. 17, 1994, that the Southland was jolted awake at 4:31 a.m. by a 6.7 magnitude earthquake. It was a massively destructive event that claimed the lives of nearly 60 people and injured more than 5,000...

Editorial: Loss of two motorcyclists is a grim reminder

Although complete statistics for the year 2013 have not yet been released, it would not surprise us to learn that motorcycle fatalities continued the upward trend reported for 2012, when more than 5,000 bikers lost their lives in the U.S. due to traffic accidents. That was a 9% rise over 2011,...

Editorial: Rose float awards are well deserved

It has been a banner year for local float entrants into the Tournament of Roses Parade, with Glendale and Burbank taking home two of the biggest prizes.

Editorial: Help make it a safe and happy New Year

Although Christmas is now a sweet memory, the 2013 holiday season remains in high gear and we’re just a few days away from ringing in the new year. Some bowl games and New Year’s Eve parties are still ahead. Families and friends will be getting together and good times will be had by all....

Leader Editorial: New theater a proud moment for city

The Hall of Liberty at the Forest Lawn in Hollywood Hills is the venue this weekend as the all-volunteer and newly-minted Burbank...

Leader Editorial: A wise decision by the airport authority

Although there has been an achingly slow, but steady recovery in the real estate market, experts remain bearish on new commercial developments, and for good reason. The demand just isn’t there yet.

News-Presss and Leader Editorial: Kudos to the generosity of our neighbors

Extraordinary acts of kindness and generosity shown by local residents and businesses do not surprise us anymore, as this is such a giving community. But they are always welcome news. And, particularly at this time of year, there are usually many wonderful stories to share.

New-Press and Leader Editorial: Don't let this Thanksgiving be a turkey

The promise of Thanksgiving brings with it not only feast and football shared with family and friends, but something for the deal hunter. Most big-name retailers will throw open their doors for at least a few hours Thursday in hopes of capturing consumers' bucks before Black Friday.

News-Press & Leader Editorial: An offer of condolences to the Gatto family

A shocking crime and an innocent victim: Joseph Gatto, a 78-year-old man who by all accounts was beloved and respected, was gunned down in his Silver Lake home this week. His home in the hilly community had been ransacked.

Leader Editorial: Council should get back to a regular schedule

While the rest of Burbank slumbered, the City Council, staff members and a few stalwart citizens were in City Hall until nearly 4 a.m. Wednesday for a council meeting that had begun at 6 p.m. the night before.

Leader Editorial: Promoter could have taken the high road

Budding entrepreneurs looking at ways to get into a niche market — catering to marijuana users within legal bounds — anted up $250 each to take a seminar last week that was supposed to take place at the Burbank Holiday Inn. But the Burbank Police Department got wind of the event,...

Leader Editorial: Hoping DeBell plays out of the rough

Several months after the City Council began considering handing over the day-to-day responsibility for the troubled DeBell Golf Club to Scott Scozzola, a contract was approved...

Leader and News-Press Editorial: Affordable Care Act is good for our health

Leader and News-Press Editorial: Affordable Care Act is good for our health

There is no question that — at multiple levels — America is going to continue to feel the economic reverberations of the shameful display of right-wing political brinkmanship that shut down the government this month. But that attempt to derail the Affordable Care Act was hugely unpopular...

Leader Editorial: Tobin news provides reason to cheer

Burbank Unified School District had good reason to cheer with the recent news that Burroughs High science teacher Jill Tobin was named one of 16 Los Angeles County Teachers of the Year. That's quite an achievement when one considers that there are 75,000 educators eligible for the honor.

Leader Editorial: Community mourns together over tragedy

Leader Editorial: Community mourns together over tragedy

There is a pall on this city today, with residents still absorbing the fact that a fiery, single-car crash that took place Sept. 28 on San Fernando...

Leader Editorial: Let's help make sure the bands play on

In case the news has not yet reached your ears, Sept. 28 has been set aside as Community Day in support of the outstanding John Burroughs High School band program.

Leader and News-Press Editorial: Time to speak up for the terminal

A series of public workshops focusing on the replacement of the Burbank Airport terminal have been taking place in recent days, with one more scheduled for 5:30 p.m....

Leader Editorial: Don't fret over Common Core standards

Burbank's public school system is joining others in 45 states across the nation in implementing Common Core, the U.S. education initiative that require more rigorous curricula. It is hoped these new standards will better prepare our youth to succeed in college and the workplace.

 Burbank Editorial: Walmart ruling stems from early oversights

Burbank Editorial: Walmart ruling stems from early oversights

Those opposing the proposed Walmart in the Empire Center were no doubt relieved — and proponents dismayed — when a judge ruled this week that Burbank must rescind the project's building permits.

News-Press and Leader Editorial: Learning from the monitoring controversy

News-Press and Leader Editorial: Learning from the monitoring controversy

It did not surprise us when there was a bit of an outcry, primarily from teens, over this week's revelation that the Glendale Unified school board has approved a $40,500 contract with a firm that monitors students' public posts on social media networks.

 Burb's Eye View: Teacher looks forward as she returns home

Burb's Eye View: Teacher looks forward as she returns home

Christine Rog's first back-to-school ritual took place in her kitchen, where the construction of a ham sandwich heralded the start of a new year and new challenges ahead.

Leader Editorial: It's time for sidewalks on Screenland Drive

It's a timeworn practice for politicians to make promises to voters while hitting the campaign trail. Sometimes, once the candidate's election has been secured, those promises are kept; other times they are not — often because they were never tenable in the first place.

Leader Editorial: Night Out gives us good reason to celebrate

Leader Editorial: Night Out gives us good reason to celebrate

Chandler Bikeway was teeming with engaged residents during the twilight hours Tuesday when Burbank held its annual National Night Out. About 300 people of all ages turned out to rub elbows with law enforcement personnel during an event that's designed to draw attention to proactive crime...

Leader Editorial: PTA leader is a welcome presence

Student achievement has long been linked to parental involvement in school activities, but for too many years the Parent Teacher Associations across the nation drew the active involvement of mostly women only.

Leader Editorial: Public input encouraged on airport issue

Recent talks between the City Council and Bob Hope Airport officials regarding a new terminal is good news for both sides.

Leader Editorial: Bike path should stay in motion

Three years from now, if construction work goes as planned, Burbank will boast a new bike path that will provide a connection to the downtown Metrolink station from the existing Lake-Alameda path. This is good news for cyclists and pedestrians alike. It will also provide a host of benefits to the...

Editorial: Cheering equal rights, aware there's more to do

Gay and lesbian couples are rightfully celebrating this week's twin decisions of the U.S. Supreme Court that effectively affirmed the rights of gay couples to marry in California and provided married, same-sex couples federal benefits previously denied them.

Leader Editorial: Station will help brighten airport's future

With some fanfare Friday, a groundbreaking ceremony was held for the new Bob Hope Airport-Hollywood Way Metrolink Station, which, if all goes according to plan, will be ready in 2015 to deliver passengers to the airport from the Santa Clarita, Antelope and North San Fernando valleys. Nearly $4...

Leader Editorial: After-school programs are critical and expensive

Burbank city and school officials have found themselves this month with the unenviable tasks of determining how far they can stretch their respective budgets to help subsidize after-school activities for local children.

 Editorial: It's fire season so let's be extra careful

Editorial: It's fire season so let's be extra careful

It is June, and despite the morning low clouds so typical of the month, our mountain vegetation remains parched. A scant amount of rain has fallen on this area so far in 2013 and as history has demonstrated, that scenario is unlikely to change before November.

Leader Editorial: Voters should share the pain of cuts

The first blow to Burbank's low-income seniors came in early April, when voters rejected a measure that would have kept in place funding that allowed the city to subsidize trash-hauling and sewer bills for this vulnerable segment of the population.

Leader Editorial: Will the long wade soon be over?

Assuming we can trust estimations coming out of City Hall this week, swimmers will be able to test the water at the renovated Verdugo Park pool in early June. Or maybe it will be July, August or sometime next year.

Leader Editorial: Colony show's success is a boon for the city

With the Colony Theatre teetering on the edge of insolvency, many feared its latest production, "Falling For Make Believe," might very well be its last.

Leader Editorial: Hospital can take pride in its progress

Already well-regarded by many local residents, Providence St. Joseph Hospital got a shot in the arm this week when an annual report card issued by the Leapfrog Group gave it an "A" rating in patient safety.

Leader Editorial: It's Gordon's chance to show what he can do

David Gordon, a man with seven years under his belt as a member of the Burbank City Council, was this week selected by his colleagues to serve the coming year as vice mayor. And, unless his peers lose faith in his leadership abilities within the coming 12 months, it is highly likely they will...

Leader Editorial: Lack of genocide recognition is a disgrace

On a Saturday night some 98 years ago this week, more than 200 Armenian intellectuals and community leaders living in Constantinople, today's Istanbul, were rounded up by the government. The political party in power, the "Young Turks," did not want their kind in the country, breathing the same air,...