Leader Editorial: Duo earns well-deserved honor

Leader Editorial: Duo earns well-deserved honor

As a society, we value courage so highly not simply because we abhor its opposite — cowardice — but because inaction just as frequently leads to injustice.

Leader Editorial: A recipe for better services

Weary of dealing with a firm that has become in recent months unresponsive and clearly unhelpful, Burbank school officials plan to keep the job of...

Leader Editorial: Inclined to question Hill choice

Much to the dismay of the teachers’ union, Burbank Unified School District has hired a new superintendent, Matt...

Editorial: Sacrifice in the name of awareness

Editorial: Sacrifice in the name of awareness

As the spring municipal election season comes to a close — with Glendale's voting having taken place last Tuesday and Burbank's ballots due by April 14 — the next important date on local calendars is April 24, the 100th anniversary of the start of the Armenian Genocide. Numerous events...

Leader Editorial: Remember those students in the middle

Nudged by the results of survey of its stakeholders, Burbank Unified School District officials have decided to spend a portion of the district's state funding on counselors.

Leader Editorial: It's better to get a heads-up on test scores

Burbank Unified officials are cautioning all to mentally brace for the fact that tests measuring progress under the new Common Core standards will likely show...

Editorial: In support of Schiff's resolve

Editorial: In support of Schiff's resolve

It’s been such an oft-repeated action that it’s almost a familiar tradition for Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Burbank) to introduce a resolution calling on...

Endorsements: Burbank City Council candidates Emily Gabel-Luddy, Will Rogers

Endorsements: Burbank City Council candidates Emily Gabel-Luddy, Will Rogers

The squabbling on the dais of the Burbank City Council has been a civic joke — or shame — for some years now. Unfortunately, it seems unlikely this will change regardless of who wins the two seats up for grabs.

Endorsement: Burbank school board candidate Armond Aghakhanian

Endorsement: Burbank school board candidate Armond Aghakhanian

Of the two candidates remaining for the Burbank Unified board of education seat, there is only one real choice: Armond Aghakhanian. Aghakhanian has a long track record of...

Editorial: A cemetery is paid its due respect

Editorial: A cemetery is paid its due respect

About six months ago we opined in this space that the ongoing sad saga of Grand View Memorial Park in northwest Glendale was overdue for an upbeat plot twist and we hoped the cemetery’s new owners would provide one.

Leader Editorial: Minority rules if so few cast their votes

The dust has settled on Burbank’s primary election, the field of candidates for City Council and the school board have been whittled down — with two of the school board candidates already winning outright their seats, having captured more than 50% plus 1 of the vote. Now is the time to...

Leader Editorial: Forethought and crime prevention

Given the fact that Burbank has a population north of 104,000, it’s hard to believe that only about two dozen people showed up this week to learn how...

Editorial: Airport fracas doesn't have to be terminal

When it comes to the Bob Hope Airport, nothing is what is seems. Or at the very least there is a lack of trust among some in Burbank City Hall that the Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Airport Authority is truly looking out for the Media City.

Leader Editorial: Forums are good signs of civic engagement

Burbank has teemed with preelection activities in the past few weeks, including a number of candidate forums for hopefuls seeking seats on both the City Council and the school board.

Leader Editorial: Take a deep breath, stay focused and vote

So many elections, so much opportunity to confuse voters. We learned from City Clerk Zizette Mullins this week that some locals were flummoxed when they received not only ballots and sample pamphlets for the vote-by-mail primary municipal elections for the Burbank City Council and Board of...

Editorial: Leading the leaders of tomorrow

On Friday morning, just a bit past dawn, nearly 100 students from Burbank, Glendale and La Cañada took part in the 30th iteration of the Youth Leadership Conference. As in years past, the conference was hosted at Glendale Community College and put on by the Character & Ethics Project. (Full...

Editorial: Rail-tunnel proposal is not the best solution

As Gov. Jerry Brown’s $68-billion high-speed rail project to connect San Francisco and Los Angeles by 2029 lurches into fruition, the authority overseeing it is expected to make a decision this spring on the route for the segment connecting Palmdale to Burbank. A route proposed last summer...

Leader Editorial: Reversal is a sign of leadership

It was an unexpected but welcome turn of events this week when a member of the Burbank City Council changed his mind and helped two colleagues throw out last...

Leader Editorial: Thrilled for the creators of 'Jungle Rescue'

Leader Editorial: Thrilled for the creators of 'Jungle Rescue'

We watched, we waited and we were ultimately rewarded: As the Rose Parade started to wind down Thursday, Burbank’s float “Jungle Rescue,” at last made its appearance before...

Editorial: Cheers to the area's spirit of giving

There is no better time than the holiday season and a pending new year to take stock of ourselves. Have we been kind to others? Have we lightened a stranger’s load? When we were asked to give, did we rise to the occasion?

Leader Editorial: Boys & Girls Club serves valuable purpose

Operating out of 18 sites, including its main building on Buena Vista Street, the Boys & Girls Club of Burbank and Greater East Valley this year is serving more than 1,650 youths from all backgrounds, many of which participate in club activities by the grace of some financial assistance. The...

Editorial: Body cameras may refocus the debate

Let’s start with the obvious: The local police are overwhelmingly professional and polite, and they faithfully uphold their sworn duty to protect all of us.

Leader Editorial: Putting action behind the season of giving

We’ve counted our blessings this week and now look ahead to sharing with friends, colleagues and loved ones the wonderful if hectic weeks ahead, when Christmas and Hanukkah shine their own unique lights on the final month of 2014.

Leader Editorial: An idea that may travel well

As we reported this week, a proposal was given a tentative green light by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority Board that shows promise toward easing traffic while closing a gap in...

Leader Editorial: Discipline rule makes little sense

A member of the state Assembly, Roger Dickinson (D-Sacramento) successfully carried a bill through legislation this year that he hopes will put the brakes on school officials who excessively take advantage of a portion of state education code that allows them to suspend students for willful...

Leader Editorial: A message from the Leader editorial board

Only about a quarter of the registered voters in Los Angeles County cast ballots in the Nov. 4 election. That’s a dismal enough number to reflect on this week, but we’ve seen worse. Right here in Burbank, as a matter of fact. In April 2013, the city’s general election drew out only...

Leader Editorial: Consortium makes plans for a local future

In coming years, 90% of the products made will be developed virtually, according to the nonprofit National Center for Manufacturing Sciences. Simply to stay competitive in the global market, America must have a workforce trained to nimbly put digital technology to innovative uses.

Leader Editorial: Questions build on project's approval

While we hope the Talaria at Burbank project will turn out to be a winning addition to the city, we have some lingering concerns that potential impacts were not explored deeply enough before a council majority approved the plans this week.

Leader Editorial: New Burbank High field will benefit area

Although it carries a steep price tag, we agree with the school board that the $750,000 revitalization of the unsightly dirt practice field at Burbank High is worth the costs involved. 

Leader Editorial: Keeping old signs is step in right direction

Leader Editorial: Keeping old signs is step in right direction

A consultant has been hired by the city, with help from a state grant, to take inventory of the historic signs that colorfully pepper Burbank’s commercial districts....

Leader Editorial: Grieving for all three victims of the crash

With the community reeling over the loss of three teenagers in a vehicle crash in the early hours of Sept. 12 — an eerie echo of a fiery crash almost exactly a year ago — Burbank does what it often does: lend comfort and support to those who have lost their loved ones.

Leader Editorial: Love 'em or hate 'em, the gates will go up

Citing public safety reasons, city officials for the better part 30 years have stood fast against efforts by the Burbank Hills Homeowners Assn. to gain approval to turn their 130-home private development into a gated community.

Leader Editorial: Here's to a less bumpy commute

Nearly 100 blocks of residential streets are soon to be resurfaced. And not a moment too soon, in some cases. The section of the city north of Victory Boulevard and south of...

Editorial: A fond farewell to Brand Bookshop

Editorial: A fond farewell to Brand Bookshop

The collective hearts of local readers and fans of independent bookstores sank two months ago when it was announced that Brand Bookshop was nearing its last days. Patrons of the...

Editorial: Parking at Bob Hope may drive higher revenue

Editorial: Parking at Bob Hope may drive higher revenue

While Bob Hope Airport officials are trying to make sense of the fluctuating revenue from parking operations there, they have come up with some meaningful plans to improve the experience for air and rail travelers.

Editorial: More room for a very important mission

Editorial: More room for a very important mission

The 40-year-old Burbank Temporary Aid Center, which over the decades has been housed in various sites, is one step closer to having its current digs on West Burbank Boulevard expanded significantly, thanks to this week's action of the Planning Board. We are pleased to see this project move forward.

Leader Editorial: Outgoing sergeant will be missed

Public service is a calling that's not suited to everyone. But Darin Ryburn, who retired Friday from the Burbank Police Department, wore the mantle well. Most recently a...

Editorial: The fun and importance of National Night Out

This coming Tuesday is designated as National Night Out, when people in communities throughout the United States will gather at special events set up by either volunteers or local law-enforcement agencies to learn what they can do to help prevent crime, in their neighborhoods and beyond.

Editorial: Yellow Alert system deserves green light

A proposed piece of state legislation that would allow the use of digital signs on freeways to broadcast information about vehicles involved in deadly hit-and-run...

Leader Editorial: Charter schools have a place in community

After tentatively approving the Giligia Charter Academy last month, the Burbank Unified School Board rejected its petition.

Leader Editorial: Motorists need to adjust to I-5 remodeling

Leader Editorial: Motorists need to adjust to I-5 remodeling

Burbank drivers who are already challenged by a tendency to run late for appointments should take note: You are in for at least a few years of jangled nerves and tense shoulders if...

Editorial: A selfless gesture on a day of union

Editorial: A selfless gesture on a day of union

Independence Day is, for most Americans, a day for stepping back and relaxing with family and friends. It’s often accompanied by high daytime temperatures, so many of us in the Foothills find ourselves looking for a cool place to chill out while waiting for fireworks to light up the night sky.

Leader Editorial: A new fee that makes sense

Next month, Burbank fire officials will start charging $100 for emergency calls that don't require a hospital transport. Though we are...

Leader Editorial: Tapped fund will need to be rebuilt

It's always disconcerting to see once-healthy reserves take a precipitous dip to cover necessary expenses, but we believe the Burbank school board is right in...

Editorial: BUSD should follow GUSD's immersion program's cue

A charter school geared primarily toward serving immigrant Armenian families has been conditionally approved by the Burbank school board and might open as soon...

Leader Editorial: A story to woof over

By the grace of serendipitous happenings and the wide-reaching capabilities of today’s social media, Bert, the partially paralyzed Belgian shepherd is getting the treatment...

Leader Editorial: Pool decision makes a splash

Leader Editorial: Pool decision makes a splash

About a year ago, Burbank residents enthusiastically welcomed the return of the Verdugo Pool after a $7.3 million renovation that took all too long — nearly five...