Letter: Ferguson had their vote, why not Hill?

The Burbank Unified Teachers Union under the direction of Lori Adams is vigorously opposing the school board’s extremely qualified choice for superintendent, Matt Hill. Their main reason: his lack of teaching experience. The level of hypocrisy exhibited by Adams is astounding but not...

Letter: Offering thanks after the campaign

Letter: Offering thanks after the campaign

That it's now tradition for candidates to write a post-election “thank you” makes mine no less sincere, and I do have so many to thank.

Letter: The city could water common parkways

In regards to our drought situation, a friend of mine and I were talking about the cutback in water we are expected to achieve. Many Burbank homes have nice parkways, and although the parkway is considered city property, the homeowners have always been expected to maintain it. How about if the...

Letter: Questions for our city's water utility

Letter: Questions for our city's water utility

Now that Gov. Jerry Brown has issued an executive order that mandates significantly reduced water usage by cities, BWP will be forced to take a more aggressive stance in dealing with the realities of California's worst drought. Otherwise, the city could face fines of up to $10,000 per day.

Letter: Rogers will look out for the public

I have no pals running for Burbank City Council. I usually only pay attention to City Hall when something goes wrong enough for headlines and TV coverage. I’ve never met a council candidate outside forums.

Letter: Inaction is part of homeless problem

Re: “Some homeless people are a hazard,” Mailbag, April 8. In Linda L. Simeone’s letter regarding homelessness in Burbank, she asked if a homeless woman has...

Letter: Personal attacks are a distraction

In recent weeks, attacks against my candidacy for the BUSD Board of Education have been refuted by reference to the factual record. These efforts to misinform the electorate are merely an attempt to distract the voter from the real issues that confront our community. The district establishment...

Letter: Traffic should be addressed seriously

A review of Burbank City Council campaign literature over the years will show virtually every candidate cites concern about traffic congestion. What also hasn’t changed is that we continue seeing projects approved that worsen the congestion everyone agrees they oppose.

Letter: Testing doesn't equate to education

Re: Brian Crosby’s March 27 column, “Test scores shouldn’t be main factor in rating teachers.&...

Letter: Some homeless people are a hazard

I’ve lived in Burbank off and on for close to 25 years. I now currently live in Burbank and prefer it over neighboring North Hollywood, Toluca Woods, etc. But I’ve become quite dismayed at the number of homeless and mentally ill people roaming our streets and frequenting our parks. I...

Letter: Election affects the future of the city

The April 14 General Election is for two seats on the City Council and one on the school board. The two council seats are particularly important as there are a number of big projects and issues coming up and the decisions around them will determine how our community will be in the future.

Letter: 21,000 doors and counting for Will Rogers

I want to thank the thousands of Burbank residents who have generously given time to me, to Will Rogers, and to our other volunteers as we've walked literally every neighborhood in Burbank virtually every day since the first week of October.

Letter: Sousa's record speaks for itself

Re: “Sousa’s conviction gives voter pause,” Mailbag, April 1. Court files are a matter of public record, and in this case, the record clearly refutes...

Letter: Guillen will fight for the little guys

I'm writing to urge those who have not yet mailed in their ballots to vote for Juan Guillen for Burbank City...

Letter: Sousa's conviction gives voter pause

As a former judicial officer who spent more than 30 years working in the court system, I believe in giving deserving people a second chance. The Burbank Leader uncovered that school...

Letter: Forum put election hopefuls into focus

I am a 30-plus-year Burbank resident, property owner, and product of the Burbank school system. I was in attendance at a recent debate for the Burbank City Council race, and I would like to share my impression both of the debate and...

Letter: Golden rule trumps 'finders keepers'

Re: “Police return stolen Legos

Letter: Tax breaks are only one reason to give

I was recently organizing my tax return and I got to thinking about the ramifications of a proposed change to the U.S. budget that limits donations for high net-worth individuals. Those changes would not impact me personally or the vast majority of (not-so-very-high-net worth) Americans, but it...

Letter: Will Rogers will work tirelessly

Letter: Will Rogers will work tirelessly

As a former member of the Burbank City Council, I know that a council candidate needs intelligence, experience and the willingness to work hard. The council handles land use, zoning, public safety, an airport, housing, labor matters, budgets, emergency services, traffic, infrastructure and much...

Letter: Cycling event proves pedal-power viability

Letter: Cycling event proves pedal-power viability

CicLAvia – The Valley, LA Metro’s open-streets event held this past Sunday in North Hollywood, may be one for L.A history books. During the course of a single day, San Fernando Valley transformed itself into a display of people powered-mobility as an estimated 50,000 bicycle riders,...

Letter: Court records tell a different story

Letter: Court records tell a different story

Re: “Concerns about assault conviction,” Mailbag, March 21. Sherry Beamer’s recent letter to the editor raises issues that might be cause for some concern, if...

Letter: An argument in favor of larger homes

Letter: An argument in favor of larger homes

I appreciate the Leader's coverage of the topic of mansionization. The reality is that the council supposedly addressed this issue more than a decade ago when...

Letter: Juan Guillen has the leadership chops

Letter: Juan Guillen has the leadership chops

Juan Guillen's campaign slogan is “Service above Self,” and I’ve never seen a candidate serve his community more than Guillen has the last few years; from Bike Angels to Salvation Army to helping veterans, mentoring youth and feeding the homeless. wherever there’s been a...

Letter: Another branch has dogs for reading

Letter: Another branch has dogs for reading

Re: “Program enlists furry friend,” March 21. In case you're not able to take your children to the Burbank library on a weekday, keep in mind that the nearby Studio City...

Letter: Impressed by meeting with Chris Rizzotti

Letter: Impressed by meeting with Chris Rizzotti

I reached out to candidate Chris Rizzotti through his website. He instantly replied and took time to meet with me.

Letter: Gabel-Luddy has a unique perspective

Letter: Gabel-Luddy has a unique perspective

I’d like to make an appeal to the women voters of Burbank. In an era when the next president of the United States may very well be a woman, the voters of Burbank are faced with the possibility of having an all-male Burbank City Council.

Letter: Looking to the Leader for dignity

Re: “Candidate is holding out on his past,” Mailbag, March 21. I’ve always wondered what makes a letter get selected for publication in the Leader, but...

Letter: Accessibility group to hold meeting

The Burbank Advisory Council on Disabilities is holding its monthly meeting this Thursday, March 25, at 1 p.m. in the Community Services Building, Room 104. We are a long-standing group committed to making sure our city is accessible to everyone. In order to do that, we need people who want to...

Letter: Burroughs is tops in student show choirs

Congratulations to two John Burroughs High School show choirs for being crowned grand champions at the national show choir competition in Andover, Mass. Under the direction of Brendan Jennings, Powerhouse won the mixed-group competition and the Sound Sensations won the single-sex competition. The...

Letter: McMansions are relatively small

McMansions are going up one after another in my neighborhood on the Burbank hillside. Unattractive boxy additions are being built, leaving little yard space, and houses are being torn down to make way for bigger two-story barns. The reason for this may be because of the need for more room to...

Letter: A different view of the street closures

A March 14 letter by Richard and Jennifer Heath regarding the cul-de-sacs on Cordova, Avon, Lima and California streets states, in part “Further, the streets in...

Letter: Traffic is backed up in failed experiment

Having received a notice from the city that at the March 17 meeting of the Burbank City Council they would “recommend” the permanence of the Alameda barricades, both advocates and opponents of this issue turned out at the meeting — a good showing for St. Patrick’s Day....

Letter: Women found Legos fair and square

Re: “Police return stolen Legos,” March 18. Seriously? Admittedly, it would have been nice if the women who found the bag of Legos,...

Letter: City is neglecting its soccer players

I am the father of an 11-year-old who plays soccer for Burbank United Soccer Club. We live in the city of Glendale and have been here for about six months. When we arrived here, I started to look for a team my son could be a part of so I went online and found Burbank United. I thought the city of...

Letter: Multiple reasons to vote for Rogers

Here’s one reason why we should elect Will Rogers to the Burbank City Council: no other candidate or...

Letter: Concerns about assault conviction

Thank you for posting election profiles for the Burbank school board candidates

Letter: Will Rogers has his ear to the ground

I am writing as a longtime Burbank resident who has watched the Burbank City Council from afar for too long. It is time to speak up and offer an opinion. Often times I have wondered, “what the heck were they thinking,” or...

Letter: Candidate is holding out on his past

As a longtime voter in Burbank elections, I thought I had heard it all from candidates who can't or won't tell it like it is. Case in point, council candidate Will Rogers’ attempt to cover his tracks from being arrested and convicted...

Letter: Disappointed by the endorsements

The Saturday, March 14 Leader endorsement of Emily Gabel-Luddy and Will Rogers for Burbank City Council of the four contenders for the...

Letter: Giant houses ruining the neighborhood

Letter: Giant houses ruining the neighborhood

I am putting in my two cents’ worth concerning the growing mansionization here in Burbank. The house next to mine is up for sale. I am so afraid that the...

Letter: Soccer expansion is a worthy goal

Re: “Candidates should kick this around,” Mailbag, March 7. As concerned soccer parents we wholeheartedly agree with Rob Levy’s letter to the editor. For too...

Letter: Proposed street closures shameful

I am vehemently opposed to the proposed street closures on Alameda , and I am in very good company.

Letter: New air terminal would create jobs

The times are a-changing as the winds shift here. Burbank, Los Angeles County and Southern California, economically and job-wise, are not what they used to be for job creation and individual initiative.

Letter: Thoughts inspired by Niagara Falls

If Moammar Kadafi could, so can we. In a recent visit to Niagara Falls I was amazed about the amount of water flowing down. I get distracted easily and can think of multiple subjects while watching the Niagara, and I want to share those thoughts. Here are they, not in any particular order:

Letter: Blocking traffic affects everyone

Letter: Blocking traffic affects everyone

In response to the strident voices of the residents of California, Lima, Avon and Cordova streets, the City Council recently erected cul-de-sacs along Alameda Avenue that...

Letter: Sunshine Week puts light on the FOIA

Sunshine Week, March 15 through 21, marks an annual nationwide discussion about access to public information and the important role that we have in keeping our communities healthy, vibrant and strong.

Letter: An endorsement for Aghakanian

Letter: An endorsement for Aghakanian

When I ran for a seat on the Burbank School Board, I did so primarily to help our community grow the legacy we plan on leaving our kids. I want to see parents empowered in the decision-making process by actually implementing the word “local” in the Local Control Funding Formula. I...

Letter: Stop mansionization before it gets worse

Letter: Stop mansionization before it gets worse

I'd like to applaud the City Council for taking a stand against “mansionization” last Tuesday night by voting for a housing interim...

Letter: A call for a moratorium on mansionization

Mansionization in Burbank has been going on far too long. Why have the mayor and City Council not addressed loopholes in the existing building...

Letter: A council candidate gives thanks

To my family, friends and supporters in my recent run for City Council, I want to thank you all. This was a hard-fought campaign with many twists, turns and unexpected outcomes, but none of it would have been possible without the support and faith you put in me. I would have never let you down. I...

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