Op-Ed: Working to serve the victims of abuse

I made a phone call 12 years ago that changed my life. After 16 years in an abusive relationship and a call to 911, I found myself in search of assistance beyond what police and courts could offer. Making dozens of phone calls from referral after referral, I finally reached Family Service Agency...

Letter: Gordon's easy role as a naysayer

Re: “Housing issue and a lack of leadership,” Mailbag, April 16. Dr. David Gordon has the easiest job on the...

Letter: Housing issue and a lack of leadership

With the exception of David Gordon, the rest of Burbank’s City Council members are utterly useless. Take for example the contentious housing issue (“Housing issue pushes buttons,&...

Letter: Manners have a place in civil society

Since January 1986 I have never seen or known Mark Scott to lose his cool at a public meeting until I read “Frutos asks for review of Mark Scott's performance” (April 12)...

Letter: Gates idea isn't very neighborly

I wonder how many Burbank residents know they live less than a mile or two from a lovely little lake? That's right, there really is a lake in Toluca Lake — somewhere. But it doesn't matter if you know about it or not, since you can't actually see it or go there unless you're invited to one...

Letter: Further notes from a board member

As I sit here reading Mr. Evans's article about the Burbank Advisory Board meeting which was held to give feedback (positive and otherwise) on the Burbank Leader, I can't help...

Letter: Camp applications are due April 10

The Burbank Coordinating Council Campership Program is still waiting to hear from more families. The deadline to turn in applications is April 10, but we have extended it another week to give more families an opportunity to apply. Low-income children ages 8 to 18 are offered a week of either day...

Letter: Dive deep into the issues of the day

I am pretty much in agreement withthe Leader’s advisory board regarding what the newspaper does well and “not so much.”

Letter: Group homes can lead to abuse

My daughter lives across the street from a “group home” in Sun Valley where the owner divided up every room in the house and jammed 23 males into this group home designed for six. After years of fighting with the city of Los Angeles, the home was closed because the tenants themselves...

Letter: Needless kerfuffle over 'Tartuffe' photo

The letter from Don Mazen printed in the “Mailbag” section of the March 29 edition of the Burbank Leader, attacking the paper for printing a photograph from a...

Letter: Join in the fight against Alzheimer's

On April 9, more than 800 people living with Alzheimer’s, caregivers and advocates from across the nation will gather in Washington, D.C. for the 26th annual Alzheimer’s Assn. Advocacy Forum. Representing millions of people impacted by Alzheimer’s across the country, they will...

Letter: Proposed gates would divide community

On Monday, April 14, Burbank's planning board will consider the proposed project to install gates at the streets of Castleman Lane and Lamer Street and Wedgewood Lane and Lamer Street. If allowed, this will set a precedent for future applications to create gated communities within Burbank. The...

Letter: Utility transfer has history on its side

There are points in Mr. Kedikian’s recent op-ed (“It takes engaged citizen to make a city”) that I agree with. Among them are that personal attacks do...

Letter: Caltrans paved the road to higher rates

How can Burbank, with its much coveted village-like small town atmosphere, be “one of the most dangerous places to live in California if you are a pedestrian or a bicyclist?”

Letter: IKEA decision didn't involve the public

How do you come to terms with such a massive sellout by Burbank City Council on Tuesday, March 11? I, myself, was heart broken by it. ...

Letter: Help send 100 kids to summer camp

Burbank Coordinating Council has been sending low-income children in Burbank schools to either a week of day camp or resident camp since 1936. The program began in conjunction with Burbank Noon Kiwanis.

Letter: Public input was kept out of IKEA deal

To nobody's surprise, the Burbank City Council approved the new IKEA project and agreed to nearly all of the concessions that IKEA...

Letter: Two megastores, two different reactions

How come a giant IKEA is OK for Burbank, but a Walmart isn't?

Letter: SRO issue deserves close attention

The School Resource Officer grant issue is going to be decided soon, perhaps as early as our next Burbank City Council meeting. As a 31-year veteran of...

Letter: Hoping airport can retain charm

Renovating the Burbank Airport is necessary to make it more conducive for the airplane passengers’ comfort and safety.

Letter: Parents should have more input

At the end of the year we bid adieu to Bobbie Kavanaugh, a principal who welcomed our son with open arms to McKinley Elementary School. Kavanaugh is an old-school principal. She treats us like family and knows the needs of our son do not always fit with the regimented, standardized education that is...

Letter: Continue to fund student counseling in Burbank

I am a grandparent of a student at Walt Disney Elementary School and I am concerned about the issue of school-based counseling.

Letter: IKEA will save us from a grim future

Re: “IKEA plans are in the hands of City Council,” March 8: Burbank during the coming years better take advantage of every commercial opportunity that comes its way because tomorrow's news pages may not be so pleasant.

Letter: Neighbors' work was mischaracterized

Re: “Burbank town hall covers group homes, pot holes and other resident concerns,” March 8. The reporter chose to...

Letter: School readies its annual carnival

The month of March is bringing us a circus-themed carnival at Disney Elementary School PTA. The annual carnival will be on Saturday, March 15, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. on the playground at Clark Avenue and Mariposa Street, opposite George Izay/Olive Park.

Letter: IKEA is the Swedish Walmart

Did the three Burbank women who filed a lawsuit against Walmart ever file a lawsuit against IKEA, whose employees are also non-union? Or because IKEA’s very large store would...

Letter: Giving thanks to Good Samaritans

I just want to thank the “nameless” Good Samaritans who helped with retrieving my newly rescued dog. Two days prior, we welcomed our new four-legged canine to our family. He decided to go exploring by hopping over our frontyard fence. We drove up and down the streets of Burbank,...

Letter: Wet leaves create hazards for bicycle riders

Letter: Wet leaves create hazards for bicycle riders

As the rains wash much of the remaining foliage onto lawns and streets, we are reminded to be aware of hidden hazards wet leaves create in our streets, especially for Burbank’s burgeoning league of daily bicycle commuters.

Letter: Thanks to community for the support

The Burgess family would like to thank all of the wonderful and kind people who supported us through the tragic death of Robin Burgess, my amazing wife of 11 years. From the...

Letter: Money could have been spent elsewhere

Our Rancho neighborhood has new street signs throughout ("Caution Horses") and although they are nice and possibly necessary, I have a couple of questions. Will the motorists that drive through our neighborhood pay any more attention to these signs than they do to the existing speed limit and stop...

Letter: Housing element needs some tweaking

I am writing to express my disappointment with our city’s housing element. It currently allows for unlicensed facilities within our R1 residential neighborhoods.

Letter: It was worth it to step up for sidewalks

Letter: It was worth it to step up for sidewalks

I can’t believe there’s a sidewalk across our front yard now on Screenland Drive. It was a long, hard struggle. My son and daughter-in-law want to know how soon it will be stroller ready.

Letter: Larger IKEA presence raises concerns

Burbank has been my home since 1959, when I was a sophomore at John Burroughs High School. During the intervening years I have watched Burbank grow and prosper, while continuing to retain its safe, comfortable ambience. Now with the building of the new, very large IKEA store, I hope, desire, and...

Letter: A call for more respect on the bikeway

I love seeing all who enjoy the Chandler bike path — from casual walkers to serious exercisers, to four leggers and the occasional star gazers.

Letter: Verdugo Pool brings back fond memories

Last Thursday morning I went to the Verdugo Pool for the first time since 1958. Back then, my three younger brothers and I lived across the street on Ontario Street and would spend our summer days in the pool from opening to close, coming home looking like the California Raisins. I braced myself...

Letter: Say no to unlicensed care facilities

I am writing in response to the Feb. 8 cartoon regarding licensed versus unlicensed residential care facilities. At first I was not sure how to take the tone of the cartoon. After much...

Letter: Issues deserve study, action

Sharon Springer’s op-ed article of Feb. 12

Letter: IKEA plan needs further vetting

There are many pluses to the new IKEA mega-store if a more thought-out plan could mitigate the negative impacts of such a massive project....

Letter: New IKEA can have huge impact on city

Thanks to Sharon Springer for her piece on a better plan for the new IKEA store (“Building a better plan for a new IKEA, op-...

Letter: City should not be a doormat to developers

Re: “Building a better plan for a new IKEA,” op-ed, Feb. 12. The city of Burbank needs to grow up and understand that it’s...

Op-ed: Building a better plan for IKEA

There is little effort being made to mitigate the negative impacts of the proposed new IKEA at 805 S. San Fernando Blvd....

Leader Cartoon: Group Homes

Leader Cartoon: Group Homes

Members of the group "Save Burbank Neighborhoods" are unhappy that the city is allowing unlicensed group homes into residential neighborhoods. But...

Op-Ed: Recalling 'Tonight Show' memories

On the eve of “The Tonight Show's” final show in Burbank, I felt compelled to visit Burbank's hometown newspaper and see what was being written. As expected, a...

Letter: Hillside homeowners need to take better care of their pets

Well, it has happened again — a family pet was taken by a wild animal in the middle of the night.

Letter: Kudos to City Council for housing response

Many thanks to the City Council this week for their open-minded response to the community's concerns about the housing element. The issue of transitional and supportive housing is a complex one and no one wants the city sued for failure to comply with California law. At the same time, residents felt...

Leader Cartoon: Burbank's Crime Rate

Leader Cartoon: Burbank's Crime Rate

Burbank's crime rate dropped in 2013 according to an annual report, but as crime continues under way in the city, cartoonist Bert Ring depicts how that might change for 2014.

Letter: Special heroes help program's success

The success of the Burbank Coordinating Council Holiday Basket Program is due to the participation of many hundreds of people along with service clubs, PTAs, scout troops, churches and more. You are all so wonderful and amazing!

Letter: What more does Mr. Abrams want?

Re: “Public should be part of Council decisions,” Mailbag, Jan. 18. I read Mr. Abrams letter and a comic-...

Letter: Homeland argument has some holes

Re: “Israel is the Jewish homeland,” Mailbag, Jan. 18. After about 3,000 years of persecution, and the horrible travails of the Holocaust, I...

Letter: Old IKEA will open up room for Walmart

Letter: Old IKEA will open up room for Walmart

The time is now to resolve the Empire Center Walmart issue. Opponents discuss increased traffic around the center and at the busy Burbank Boulevard/Victory intersection. There is a retail location that will open in the next year or so that has ample parking for adding a Walmart and bring hundreds of...

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