Letter: Reunion planned to bring back the magic of Burbank eatery

The Magic Apple Inn, which was at the corner of Riverside Drive and West Olive Avenue in Burbank, was operated by an interesting cast of characters from Feb. 1, 1973 until New Year’s Eve of 1978. Owners were Ralph DeMartinis, the genius behind the menu, Joe DeMartinis, sometimes bartender...

Letter: FSA changes lives, has pressing needs

As I enter my first months as a Family Service Agency board member, I am learning some difficult truths to face in the FSA services to our Burbank family — and difficult subjects to discuss.

Letter: Burbank Advisory Council welcomes the public

We are all proud of our community and want it to be the best ever, and that means making it accessible for everyone. The Burbank Advisory Council on Disabilities meets every fourth Thursday and the next meeting is at 1 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 27, in room 104 at the Community Service Building.

Letter: Burbank could set a water-wise example

Although an increasing number of local homeowners are cognizant of the scarcity of water (with no end in sight) and incorporating more hardscape and native plants into their landscape design, there are still entire blocks in which huge verdant lawns are displayed at every home.

Letter: Park space is for all Burbank residents

Kudos to Mayor Bob Frutos and Councilman David Gordon for voting against the proposal to consider allowing the Boys & Girls Club to use space at the Larry L....

Letter: Drivers are only part of the problem

I am responding to Mr. Dickson's letter regarding automobile collisions with pedestrians and bicycles. Cars definitely cause the most damage...

Letter: Mind the stop signs on the bikeway

I agree with letter writer Patrick Dickson that there are more and more rude, distracted and speeding drivers in Burbank, and that does need...

Letter: What's really behind curbside project in Burbank?

I recently found an advertisement taped to my front door from “The Student Work Project” indicating they were painting numbers on our curbs to enable identification by fire, police and others wishing to locate our residence (no option out).

Letter: Burbank's wireless ordinance took collaboration

It looks as if the City Council will finally vote this Tuesday on the proposed update to Burbank's Wireless Telecommunications Facilities Ordinance. The proposed update marks the finish line for 3½ years of work drafting an ordinance which will offer better regulation of wireless facilities...

Letter: A drive to promote safe, shared streets in Burbank

Burbank students of all ages are returning to school — many walking or riding their bicycles to new schools, in new locations, while negotiating new I-5 construction detours.

Op-Ed: BUSD takes the lead on mental health

For too many children, the interrelationship between mental health problems and poor academic outcomes is a very real struggle. Their struggle is reflected in limited educational progress from their entry into school through their secondary school years.

Letter: Spreading thanks for a Burbank block party

Neighborhoods come together the first Tuesday of August each year to celebrate and thank those who serve our community, and get to know our neighbors. We had a very successful turn out for our event on Verdugo Avenue.

Letter: Congress must act to restore the VRA

The Voting Rights Act turns 50 — and Congress must restore its protections. Aug. 6 marked the 50th anniversary of the passage of the Voting Rights Act, landmark civil rights legislation for the protection of voters from discrimination. The VRA is one of the most significant laws ever passed by...

Op-Ed: Low-skill workers need a place to start

Calls for a “living wage” of $15 an hour have a very basic appeal. People with low incomes have it hard. Businesses have money. Therefore why not just require businesses to pay people more money? While this may be a compelling train of logic in its simplicity, it ignores significant...

Letter: Wage requirements have a downside

Mr. Aboulsaad's comments seem well intentioned, but he omits or is unaware of several facts that are grounded in economic reality.

Letter: Cyclists can be their own worst enemy

An HBO sports segment with Bryant Gumble I watched today on urban cycling and the difficulty of gaining more public support for increased bike lanes and getting people to consider bicycling around town for short distances got me thinking about how some bikers have made this a more difficult...

Read On: There's an app for angry mobs

Read On: There's an app for angry mobs

All anyone wanted to talk about this week was the story of the Dentist and the Lion. Sounds like the title of a children's book. But of course the tragic tale of Cecil and Minnesota dental practitioner Walter Palmer is anything but the stuff of fairy tales.

Letter: Many contributed to Burbank garden plans

Letter: Many contributed to Burbank garden plans

I am a master gardener and participated in the outreach meetings pertaining to the community garden that is planned for the corner of North Pass Avenue and Chandler Boulevard. Each one of the meetings was very well attended with 30 or 40 community members participating. The plan that was developed...

Letter: Burbank's positive role in the Special Olympics World Games

Letter: Burbank's positive role in the Special Olympics World Games

A sincere heartfelt “thank you” to all of our amazing sponsors; hardworking volunteers; dedicated staff members and all of the caring residents who came out last week in support of the Special Olympics.

Letter: Poorly sown plans for proposed garden in Burbank

Letter: Poorly sown plans for proposed garden in Burbank

The proposed Chandler Boulevard/Pass Avenue Community Garden is an exciting project idea which has been shamefully badly planned. Instead of bringing...

Letter: Minimum wage isn't enough to live on

Nine dollars an hour, think of living on that. An income of $18,720 a year minus taxes, minus healthcare, minus rent, minus bills and what's left?

Letter: BUR by any other name is still BUR

Letter: BUR by any other name is still BUR

Please permit a view from a distance on the issue of renaming Bob Hope Airport. I ask, “Why?”

Letter: Pleased with talks on Bob Hope Airport terminal

Letter: Pleased with talks on Bob Hope Airport terminal

The Valley Industry and Commerce Assn. (VICA) is pleased both the city of Burbank and the Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Airport Authority are sitting down for productive dialogue about replacing the existing passenger terminal at the airport. The recent joint meeting was very encouraging.

Letter: Employees are parking too close by

Years ago I received a letter from the city stating that if employees continue to park all day next to Magnolia Boulevard that restricted parking would be implemented.

Letter: Parking issue should have public input

As both a Burbank resident and business owner since 1991, I find the proposed changes to the preferential parking program overly restrictive and unfair to Burbank&...

Letter: Restrictive parking will harm Burbank businesses

As per usual the city planner is working on ways to get people ticketed and moved out after two hours parking in the Magnolia Park and other areas.

Letter: Holiday program's food drive slated

Letter: Holiday program's food drive slated

It is time to consider the holidays, though December seems so far away still. But, with people celebrating Christmas in July, it seems timely to let you know that Burbank Coordinating Council is gearing up for the December Holiday Basket Program and welcomes all who would like to help as donors or...

Letter: Disability group invites the public

Burbank is a wonderful and unique city with terrific residents. However, it needs to be made more user-friendly to all residents, not just those without disabilities. Some have hearing, vision or mobility issues, and others need help with strollers, grocery carts and more.

Letter: Burbank is breaking its own water rules

On a walk around the neighborhood Friday night, July 10, at about 9:20 p.m., I observed a whole bunch of water at the intersection of Edison and Maple streets. Water was coming from the just-watered island in the middle of Edison between Maple and Pass Avenue.

Op-Ed: Honor Burbank, Bob Hope and flying history

Op-Ed: Honor Burbank, Bob Hope and flying history

Bob Hope Airport’s governing agency recently announced it was considering a name change — to Los Angeles Burbank Airport...

Leader Editorial: Some thoughts on the airport rebranding issue

Leader Editorial: Some thoughts on the airport rebranding issue

Tongues are wagging this week over the news that a consulting firm has recommended our local airport, which has been given six...

Op-Ed: SB 277 doesn't properly address vaccine issue

Last week, Gov. Brown signed SB 277, which denies kids the right to attend school if their parents have determined to delay or avoid certain vaccines.

Letter: Where was the notification before work began?

I would love to know why the city of Burbank removed the brick pavers on our parkway, pavers that were placed over 60 years ago and were still in great condition. What did they replace them with? Dirt, which the adjacent grass will grow onto, which will require water.

Letter: Charlene Tabet's stance still could endanger kids

Burbank school board member Charlene Tabet defends parents' choice not to vaccinate their children against measles, saying that her children are OK...

Letter: Disappointed by Gatto's position

I’m proud that state Sen. Carol Liu supported SB 277, which prohibits all but medical exemptions from vaccines, but I was disappointed that state...

Letter: Would kids still be OK without vaccine?

Regarding the comment of Burbank school board member Charlene Tabet, “My kids are still OK because they've had their vaccine.”: What if she was one...

Op-Ed: Government must step in for vaccinations

When I was in medical school 20 years ago, a professor spent just five minutes talking about measles. After a brief description he simply said "you'll likely never see this in your career, thanks to immunizations."

Letter: Bill raises concern about training

Re: “Bill envisions expanding health services,” Op-ed, July 1. The op-ed writer Lilia Babakhan, a second-year optometry student, supports SB 622 allowing...

Letter: More training needed than what state bill requires

The op-ed writer Lilia Babakhan, a second-year optometry student, supports SB 622 allowing her the potential to perform “minor procedures.”&...

Op-Ed: Bill envisions expanding health services

I’m no longer surprised when people ask me to clarify just what exactly it is I’m studying. In healthcare, which includes eye health, there are a lot of “ologies” to remember, and a specialist for every one. “So what’s the difference then,” they ask, “...

Letter: Not a fan of the Burroughs logo

OK, Burbank. South Carolina brought down its racist flag. Now it’s your turn.

Leader Editorial: Brown Act reminder is a lesson learned

The Burbank school board had its knuckles gently rapped by county prosecutors this month for not having announced publicly...

Letter: Collateral damage of assisted suicide

Dan Evans' recent op-ed, “Start the presses: Debating doctor assisted death,” avoids any mention of the serious and...

Letter: Advisory Council on Disabilities welcomes all to its meetings

The Burbank Advisory Council on Disabilities welcomes all. We are a group of citizens who meet monthly to discuss and resolve issues related to accessibility in our community. We welcome everyone to these meetings and value your input since more eyes and ears make us better informed to make...

Letter: Seeking donations for summer camps

Burbank Coordinating Council has been sending low-income school children to summer camps on scholarships, called “Camperships,” since 1936. This year is no exception. The biggest change is that the cost of camps has risen so that we need more money to fund their week of either resident...

Letter: Disney's decision isn't the norm

Disney’s decision to reverse itself on outsourcing some of their tech jobs is the exception and not the norm. Companies all over...

Letter: The true cost of electronic tracking

Re: “Police to try new parking enforcement,” June 17. So the police want to use computer software to track my car with the benign...

Letter: Pancake breakfast to help build wall

If you're wondering what to eat for breakfast on Saturday, July 11, consider attending my pancake breakfast and silent auction. There will be pancakes, scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, and hot coffee. Since this is a fundraiser, I am requesting a donation of $5 per person.

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