Letter: Nothing wrong with having nice parks

I just read Larry Debord's letter to the editor where he said some rather nasty things about the city of Burbank not taking care of our streets and spending too much money on our local public parks.

Letter: Amenities are up to date and accessible

Writer Claude Soderstrom expresses an opinion that does not agree with the vast majority of Bob Hope Airport patrons, who consistently rate the airport high for convenience and ease of use.

Letter: Ice can be nice, but less can be nicer

The city of Burbank needs to conserve one billion gallons of water. We can do it, even if it’s just one ice cube at a time.

Letter: Using 'gray water' and other ideas

Re: "City aims to further reduce water usage,” May 16. Perhaps the city could create a program to recognize or reward those who are making efforts to conserve water.

Letter: Bob Hope Airport isn't user friendly

The operators of the Bob Hope Airport appear to be running the airport into the ground. In addition to high parking prices, scarcity of reasonably priced nonstop flights to major West Coast cities and high air fares compared to Los Angeles International Airport, the Burbank car rental concession has...

Letter: BCC makes plans for its future

Burbank Coordinating Council held its 83rd installation of officers on Monday, May 4. We were honored to have Mayor Bob Frutos in attendance to perform the installations.

Letter: Money will help stem homelessness

Homelessness is not a choice. The majority of the homeless population are faced with life-altering events or a series of events that were unexpected or planned. Not only are they faced with homelessness, but also struggle with mental illness, substance abuse and physical disability.

Letter: Claims of fraud in delegate election

As one of the California Democratic Party delegates unseated last month by the party’s Compliance Review Commission, I read Dan Evans “ballot redo” article with great interest (“Memo reveals ballot issues” May 2, A1.) As a 43rd Assembly District resident living in...

Letter: Kudos to the Burbank Animal Shelter

Letter: Kudos to the Burbank Animal Shelter

Last Saturday I noticed the animal shelter ad for Peanut, the dog who was left in the shelter because the owner didn't feel like having a dog anymore. This made me crazy angry.

Letter: Fix our worn streets, don't upgrade parks

I am writing to loudly protest a terrible waste of taxpayer dollars. Can someone tell me just who the mental giants are in the city of Burbank who approve spending money to “beautify” city parks and other wasteful measures, while our streets are in such ridiculously poor condition? It is...

Letter: BUSD has turned back on students

This week was Common Core testing week at my son’s school, McKinley Elementary. In the three years that we have opted him out of standardized testing, he has been asked to work quietly in a corner or help out in the first-grade class. Though deprived of a meaningful education for five or...

Letter: Bright light is good coyote deterrent

Coyotes are deterred by bright light, so anyplace where coyotes are seen, flood lights should be turned on. Anyone who goes walking where coyotes have been seen should carry a flashlight. A 180-degree TripleLite flashlight lights up a whole walkway and will fit into a purse or pocket.

Letter: Unintended result of taking it easy

Because of horrible weather in Houston, Texas, all planes coming in and going out were canceled.

Letter: Appreciation for councilman's work

I am a 43-year resident of the city of Burbank and one who has kept a pulse and been involved in many city matters for more than 20 years. I would like to commend all who recently sought to garner a seat on the Burbank City Council. The challenge alone speaks for itself while the real job only...

Letter: Already missing outgoing Gary Bric

I want to thank Gary Bric for his eight years of service on the Burbank City Council.

Letter: District to host its Gifted Conference

On Saturday, May 2, Burbank Unified School District is hosting its second annual Gifted Conference, titled “Breaking Through the Stereotypes: A Parent’s Guide to Understanding GATE Students,” with keynote speaker Christine Fonseca and four breakout sessions. As public schools...

Letter: Kemp taught the bullies a lesson

After watching the display of “respect” given to the Burbank Board of Education on the night of April 16,...

Letter: Hopes against history repeating

If killing millions is not genocide, then let's destroy all dictionaries by dumping them like tea in the ocean.

Letter: Alternatives to getting a lift

Perhaps you’ve seen the recent car commercial — mother and daughter in car; mom quietly reminiscing, “The back seat of my Subaru is where she grew up...” It appeals directly to our emotions. But the real message is you must keep your precious children trapped in the back seat...

Letter: Disabilities group schedules meeting

The Burbank Advisory Council on Disabilities needs you and your observations and opinions to help us make our community barrier free and disabled aware. Please come to our meetings, which are held from 1 to 2 p.m. on the fourth Thursday of every month in room 104 at the Community Service Building,...

Letter: Upcoming Coordinating Council meeting has a lot to offer

If you were wondering what to do for lunch on Monday, May 4, consider coming to the Burbank Coordinating Council meeting and installation of officers. The cost is only $9 per person, and you can either email your RSVP to or phone your...

Letter: We'll pick up our signs if you haven't

I want to take this opportunity to thank the voters of Burbank for affording me the privilege of serving a second term as a member of the Burbank City Council. The support and encouragement I received during the campaign was extremely important to me. I look forward to working with the community, my...

Letter: Yard signs are electoral detritus

The Burbank municipal elections are now over. The winners have won and the losers have lost. Yet the campaign signs of several candidates are still up a week after the election. What were acceptable expressions of political free speech have become unacceptable political litter. It is the...

Letter: Endorsements meant nothing in the end

I noted that the numerous fliers I received from a certain candidate for the Burbank City Council always had little on them except for endorsements from a who's who of former Burbank council members and mayors, the police and fire unions. He actually finished last in the election, declining from...

Letter: Grateful for the service of Dave Kemp

All four of my grown children were at Burbank High during Dave Kemp’s tenure, and I can attest to his...

Letter: Warning: Wildlife at McCambridge Park

I have been a Burbank resident for more than six years, and I live right across from McCambridge Park. I usually take a walk around the park at night after dinner. Recently I noticed a band of coyotes in the park.

Letter: Ferguson had their vote, why not Hill?

The Burbank Unified Teachers Union under the direction of Lori Adams is vigorously opposing the school board’s extremely qualified choice for superintendent, Matt Hill. Their main reason: his lack of teaching experience. The level of hypocrisy exhibited by Adams is astounding but not...

Letter: Offering thanks after the campaign

Letter: Offering thanks after the campaign

That it's now tradition for candidates to write a post-election “thank you” makes mine no less sincere, and I do have so many to thank.

Letter: The city could water common parkways

In regards to our drought situation, a friend of mine and I were talking about the cutback in water we are expected to achieve. Many Burbank homes have nice parkways, and although the parkway is considered city property, the homeowners have always been expected to maintain it. How about if the...

Letter: Questions for our city's water utility

Letter: Questions for our city's water utility

Now that Gov. Jerry Brown has issued an executive order that mandates significantly reduced water usage by cities, BWP will be forced to take a more aggressive stance in dealing with the realities of California's worst drought. Otherwise, the city could face fines of up to $10,000 per day.

Letter: Rogers will look out for the public

I have no pals running for Burbank City Council. I usually only pay attention to City Hall when something goes wrong enough for headlines and TV coverage. I’ve never met a council candidate outside forums.

Letter: Inaction is part of homeless problem

Re: “Some homeless people are a hazard,” Mailbag, April 8. In Linda L. Simeone’s letter regarding homelessness in Burbank, she asked if a homeless woman has...

Letter: Personal attacks are a distraction

In recent weeks, attacks against my candidacy for the BUSD Board of Education have been refuted by reference to the factual record. These efforts to misinform the electorate are merely an attempt to distract the voter from the real issues that confront our community. The district establishment...

Letter: Traffic should be addressed seriously

A review of Burbank City Council campaign literature over the years will show virtually every candidate cites concern about traffic congestion. What also hasn’t changed is that we continue seeing projects approved that worsen the congestion everyone agrees they oppose.

Letter: Testing doesn't equate to education

Re: Brian Crosby’s March 27 column, “Test scores shouldn’t be main factor in rating teachers.&...

Letter: Some homeless people are a hazard

I’ve lived in Burbank off and on for close to 25 years. I now currently live in Burbank and prefer it over neighboring North Hollywood, Toluca Woods, etc. But I’ve become quite dismayed at the number of homeless and mentally ill people roaming our streets and frequenting our parks. I...

Letter: Election affects the future of the city

The April 14 General Election is for two seats on the City Council and one on the school board. The two council seats are particularly important as there are a number of big projects and issues coming up and the decisions around them will determine how our community will be in the future.

Letter: 21,000 doors and counting for Will Rogers

I want to thank the thousands of Burbank residents who have generously given time to me, to Will Rogers, and to our other volunteers as we've walked literally every neighborhood in Burbank virtually every day since the first week of October.

Letter: Sousa's record speaks for itself

Re: “Sousa’s conviction gives voter pause,” Mailbag, April 1. Court files are a matter of public record, and in this case, the record clearly refutes...

Letter: Guillen will fight for the little guys

I'm writing to urge those who have not yet mailed in their ballots to vote for Juan Guillen for Burbank City...

Letter: Sousa's conviction gives voter pause

As a former judicial officer who spent more than 30 years working in the court system, I believe in giving deserving people a second chance. The Burbank Leader uncovered that school...

Letter: Forum put election hopefuls into focus

I am a 30-plus-year Burbank resident, property owner, and product of the Burbank school system. I was in attendance at a recent debate for the Burbank City Council race, and I would like to share my impression both of the debate and...

Letter: Golden rule trumps 'finders keepers'

Re: “Police return stolen Legos

Letter: Tax breaks are only one reason to give

I was recently organizing my tax return and I got to thinking about the ramifications of a proposed change to the U.S. budget that limits donations for high net-worth individuals. Those changes would not impact me personally or the vast majority of (not-so-very-high-net worth) Americans, but it...

Letter: Will Rogers will work tirelessly

Letter: Will Rogers will work tirelessly

As a former member of the Burbank City Council, I know that a council candidate needs intelligence, experience and the willingness to work hard. The council handles land use, zoning, public safety, an airport, housing, labor matters, budgets, emergency services, traffic, infrastructure and much...

Letter: Cycling event proves pedal-power viability

Letter: Cycling event proves pedal-power viability

CicLAvia – The Valley, LA Metro’s open-streets event held this past Sunday in North Hollywood, may be one for L.A history books. During the course of a single day, San Fernando Valley transformed itself into a display of people powered-mobility as an estimated 50,000 bicycle riders,...

Letter: Court records tell a different story

Letter: Court records tell a different story

Re: “Concerns about assault conviction,” Mailbag, March 21. Sherry Beamer’s recent letter to the editor raises issues that might be cause for some concern, if...

Letter: An argument in favor of larger homes

Letter: An argument in favor of larger homes

I appreciate the Leader's coverage of the topic of mansionization. The reality is that the council supposedly addressed this issue more than a decade ago when...

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