Letter: Digging deeper into district spending

If someone in your family gave you a projected household budget four years in a row, and each year significantly underspent their budget by 25 to 40%, would you assume that the fifth year would be any different? Because in the past four years the BUSD consistently and significantly overbudgeted, yet...

Letter: Fresh faces would bring fresh ideas

I am a product of Burbank schools, and a 30-year employee of the Burbank Unified School District, so I have a personal interest in who manages our schools.

Letter: Candidates answer to developers

I would like to add my voice to recent letters regarding the City Council candidacy of Emily Gabel-Luddy. Gabel-Luddy, who was my junior high school classmate, has endorsed the candidacy of Christopher Rizzotti. Rizzotti is a member of the Planning Board and both he and then-Mayor Gabel-Luddy were...

Letter: Regarding zoning and library upgrades

Letter: Regarding zoning and library upgrades

I would like to expand on my League of Women Voter candidates’ forum responses, specifically with regard to zoning variances and the Burbank Central Library. I am not against zoning variances, but think they should be granted thoughtfully, and negative impacts to our community should be...

Letter: All should bow at Burroughs runners' feet

Letter: All should bow at Burroughs runners' feet

My brother Rene and I ran cross country for Burroughs High in the early ’80s, under Coach Greg Switzer. We had some excellent teams. The boys’ varsity had a multiyear winning streak against the other five teams in our league.

Letter: Submit your ideas for the Rose Parade float

Letter: Submit your ideas for the Rose Parade float

The Burbank Tournament of Roses Assn. depends on ideas from the community to create Burbank’s award-winning Rose Parade floats! You can submit your idea to our design contest. The 2016 parade theme is “Find Your Adventure,” which recognizes the centennial of the National Park...

Letter: Gabel-Luddy is not what some think

I've grown increasingly concerned about the attack letters published in the Leader against Councilwoman Emily Gabel-Luddy. The letters have implied that Gabel-Luddy is in some kind of unholy alliance with developers in the city. If that were even remotely the case she would have raised a great...

Letter: Editorial on rail route was uninformed

Re: “Rail tunnel proposal is not the best solution,” Leader editorial Jan. 17. Your editorial was unfortunately not one of your finest. It's quite...

Letter: Is there a lack of accountability?

How can Burbank City Hall and City Council election campaigns continue to neglect year after year the poor performance by contracted general builders and their subcontractors and by the city government building inspectors?

Letter: Reversal on vote was a mistake

I was disappointed to see that Councilman Talamantes reversed his decision on the North Third Street development

Letter: Tangkhpanya would put students first

I've been a school board member at Claremont Unified for nine years. I was raised in Burbank and I've always been a champion for all families, student rights, and the underserved. As an advocate for children while serving on the school board, I've seen firsthand the challenges that come with the...

Letter: Jess Talamantes grows his fan base

I have never been a fan of Councilman Jess Talamantes, with his “I do what’s best for the community, that’s why you elected me” routine. But he lived up to that with his vote reversal on the downtown project.

Letter: Tips on homework as a successful tool

Re: ‘National PTA to weigh resolution’ in “...

Letter: Talaria project adds to existing problems

Letter: Talaria project adds to existing problems

Talaria (whatever a “Talaria” is) is the last thing our fair community needs. When you add the traffic created by the Cusumano project on Olive Avenue to that which will be created by the billion-dollar expansion of Universal Studios on Barham Boulevard only 1.5 miles away, you have...

Letter: The kindness of the city and developer

Letter: The kindness of the city and developer

Re: “Church seeks new locale,” Jan. 7. How nice of the city of Burbank to be so accommodating (pushing through a parking variance in four months, rather than the six months usually...

Letter: League invites public to forums

The League of Women Voters of Glendale/Burbank is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year, while the League of Women Voters of the United States is celebrating its 95th anniversary. Our local league is as active as ever, and consistent with its goal of fostering informed and active...

Letter: Approvals were ill-considered

Letter: Approvals were ill-considered

In regards to the letter written by Anna May Nelson in the Leader on Dec. 31 (“Complications weren’t thought out”). Nelson is absolutely right about the rush...

Letter: Change leadership to save Burbank

In his Dec. 24 letter titled “Emily Gabel-Luddy does her homework,”

Letter: Tangkhpanya would be independent

I read an article on the Burbank Leader and then recently watched a video on

Letter: Look upward to see feathered invaders

There has been an invasion in Burbank. These creatures have taken over the trees above our home. I have watched them over the last few weeks multiply in numbers. Their squawking and screaming wakes the neighbors and causes havoc on the sidewalks. Our cats go nuts, pleading with us to let them go...

Letter: Complications weren't thought out

Letter: Complications weren't thought out

It was a sad day on Dec. 16 when the City Council approved the large 550 N. Third St. mixed-use project without adequately responding to concerns about it. This project is...

Letter: Good impressions of a councilwoman

There have been a couple of letters the last two weeks about the qualifications of Emily Gabel-Luddy as a council member and mayor. Over the past few years of Gabel-Luddy's tenure on the council, I have brought matters to the council and also watched and listened while many others have done the...

Letter: Vietnam vets still being marginalized

Re: “The Bottom Line” graphic on the front page, Dec. 24: How is it that “The Bottom Line” chart of veterans lists World War II, the Korean War, the Gulf War, but...

Letter: Taking exception to new projects

Letter: Taking exception to new projects

Within the past few months two projects, (Talaria

Letter: Dimples story has some bumps

Letter: Dimples story has some bumps

Dimples — closing? I think we all have a Dimples story in this town!

Letter: Emily Gabel-Luddy does her homework

Saturday's mailbag contained a letter written by Molly Shore against Councilwoman Emily Gabel-Luddy. I wonder if Ms. Shore has actually followed the Burbank City Council...

Letter: Nonprofit groups need a helping hand

I just love Burbank Temporary Aid Center and as the former executive director of the agency, I know just how much good they really do. I’ve also seen the overwhelming dedication of the kind staff and the astounding volunteers. As citizens of this great and very generous community we should not...

Letter: Gabel-Luddy defeat would send message

If Burbank residents are outraged regarding City Council’s approval of the massive (and intrusive) Talaria project in the Media District, the upcoming municipal election is the appropriate time to express displeasure by ensuring that Councilwoman Emily Gabel-Luddy is defeated in her bid for...

Letter: Volunteers help make program a success

Letter: Volunteers help make program a success

Burbank has done it again! Residents and businesses have worked with Burbank Coordinating Council to make the Holiday Basket Program a resounding success! For the 68th year, we made it a brighter and better holiday season for those less fortunate financially in our own city.

Letter: Landscaping fixes could be uneven

Re: “There’s no reason to water parkway turf,” Mailbag, Dec. 10. Burbank resident Robert Feldman is good to remind us that the drought is persistent...

Letter: There's no reason to water parkway turf

Letter: There's no reason to water parkway turf

Considering we are in the worst drought, why continue to keep the small strip of grass between the sidewalk and curb?

Letter: Good to see city officials at meeting

This week I attended an industry conference in Los Angeles on high-speed rail. I was delighted to see our mayor, Dr. David Gordon, and City Manager Mark Scott in the audience. While most residents will be focused on immediate issues such as freeway construction or the airport, the project will...

Letter: Coach Kodama is a terrific asset

I read with interest the story by Jeff Tully on Nov. 29, regarding the upcoming high school soccer season. Of particular interest is the fact that highly successful John Burroughs High School...

Letter: City's sprinklers run off schedule

Letter: City's sprinklers run off schedule

On Sunday, Nov. 30, at 8:49 p.m., I was driving on Verdugo from Hollywood Way. When I drove past Verdugo Park I looked over and the sprinklers in the section of lawn at Verdugo Boulevard and Rosemary Lane were on full blast.

Letter: Basket program welcomes help

Letter: Basket program welcomes help

It is time again for all of us to come together and help those less fortunate than ourselves. Burbank Coordinating Council is planning for a full week of events to carry through to the ultimate delivery day of Holiday Baskets to our low-income families.

Letter: A holiday message from the vice mayor

Letter: A holiday message from the vice mayor

As we begin this holiday season, I have been reflecting on the things I am most grateful for; family, friends and good neighbors.

Letter: 'Angel' volunteers refurbished bikes

Kudos to city employee Elaine Pease and her “band of angels.” For the past three years Elaine, former city employees, volunteers and family members have spent many days, hours and lots of energy collecting used bikes and refurbishing them into bright and shiny beautiful bicycles....

Letter: L.A. River bikeway is an unknown asset

Letter: L.A. River bikeway is an unknown asset

One of the best kept secrets in the San Fernando Valley is the L.A. River Bike Path that begins on the Griffith Park side of the Victory Boulevard freeway overpass and goes east nearly 10 miles to the I-5 overpass near Figueroa Street. The path is well paved, lit at night, and mostly flat to ride...

Letter: Campaign signs serve no purpose

Re: “The wrong season for campaigning,” Mailbag, Nov. 15. I agree with Mailbag contributor Betty Vanole, who is dismayed to see campaign signs posted on lawns before...

Letter: Yard signs aren't necessary yet

I noticed the letter to the editor in the Nov. 19 Leader in support of early campaign yard signs was from a Los Angeles resident and not a resident of Burbank. We don’...

Letter: Flight prices largely depend on timing

Re: letter from Jim Jansen, “Flight prices are too sky high,” Nov. 15. Mr. Jansen cites higher fares out of Burbank as his reason for choosing LAX.

Letter: First responders helped at sad time

This letter is to acknowledge and express our sincere appreciation for the outstanding and very compassionate service we received from the paramedics and firefighters of Station 12.

Op-Ed: Keeping our kids safe from predators

Families all over America rely on after-school programs, summer camps and other youth-serving institutions to get their children involved in activities that enrich their lives and help them grow up to be healthy, productive adults. Sadly, these programs can also be a vulnerable target for child...

Op-Ed: Paving the road to better transportation

Population densities in the Southland have increased dramatically over the last generation, and are slated to multiply further as large apartment structures go up across the city to meet the renewed demand for housing in urban centers. Meanwhile, the city is already mired by traffic congestion as it...

Letter: Chris Rizzotti is showing initiative

Recovering from possibly the lowest voter turnout election in Los Angeles County history you would think that the Burbank City Council candidates would gear up their campaigns and start talking to their residents. Considering Burbank has an election coming up in a couple of months, which in itself...

Letter: Talaria only benefits developer

Letter: Talaria only benefits developer

Recently, the City Council confirmed its support of the Saturday-only watering program until March, with the option of unrestricted hose use. This is a...

Letter: Physical fitness should start early

Re: “Tests show student fitness,” Nov. 12. Does anybody recall how President John Kennedy pushed for physical fitness programs in America because the kids were getting fat and...

Letter: The wrong season for campaigning

Shame on the Chris Rizzotti City Council campaign for posting signs so early in the election season. Weeks before Thanksgiving?

Letter: Flight prices are too sky high

I read with great interest the article on the Bob Hope Airport. All the ideas being discussed to improve passenger traffic left out the one huge impediment to flying in or out...

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