Letter: Local high school choirs deserve coverage

On Oct. 3 you published a letter from George Strattan about the wonderful Burroughs on Broadway program. We are fortunate in Burbank to have the two...

Letter: Kudos to Burbank on barriers decision

I would like to thank the City Council for voting to leave the temporary barriers in place until all of the traffic studies are completed for the Alameda North Neighborhood Protection Program. The barriers have been a life changer for my neighborhood. This process did not happen overnight. It...

Letter: Stricklands left a lasting legacy in Burbank

The loss of Harry and Mary Jane Strickland, iconic pillars of the community, is a loss felt by their family, friends, the Burbank Historical Society and all Burbankers.

Letter: Burroughs High recreates Broadway

So nice to see in the Sept. 16 Burbank Leader that “Guys and Dolls” at Glendale Centre Theatre was publicized (front page, no less,...

Letter: BCC Holiday Basket Program on its way

Burbank Coordinating Council is kicking off its 82nd year of service to Burbank. The meeting/luncheon on Monday, Oct. 5 will be honoring our partners in the Campership Program, which sent 98 children to camps this past summer. For further information, call (818) 216-9377. The luncheon, planned for...

Letter: Addendum to the Leader's obituary

While I appreciated the obituary of Mary Jane Strickland on the front page of the Burbank Leader on Sept. 26, I felt it didn't really capture all...

Letter: A reminder of what police really do

So often these days, we read stories focusing on police brutality, acts of racism and other missteps by law enforcement, but forgotten among these incidents is the heroic job most cops are performing day in and day out protecting and safeguarding citizens and our property.

Letter: Rogers calendar to offer overview

When I took my seat on the Burbank City Council in May, I said I wouldn't engage in the council's recent practice of using the “Reporting Out” period to announce events attended since the previous council session. Among other reasons, I said — and still believe — the often...

Letter: Bikeway will ease transit in Burbank

The new Western Channel Bikeway Phase II pathway planned along Burbank’s Western Flood Channel will be a much greater unifying factor for this community than the new Caltrans I-5 HOV lanes currently being built over Burbank. When completed, the pathway promises to greatly improve active...

Letter: Comic Drew Lynch is a local hero

My children recently introduced me to Drew Lynch’s rise to success on the television show “America’s Got Talent.”&...

Letter: Group advocating for accessibility in Burbank

The Burbank Advisory Council on Disabilities needs your help. We need your eyes and ears to bring attention to any barriers or facilities that need accessibility within Burbank, so that we can work with City Council to solve them.

Letter: Red ants are a scourge worth addressing

In lieu of Eddie Bowman’s letter to the editor about residents redirecting their lawn sprinklers, there is another issue some residents need to...

Letter: A state where free water goes to waste

As I read Tuesday's L.A. Times' front page article about the 500-year low for snow levels in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, gazillions of gallons of rainwater rush off of my neighbor's yards, down the street, into the storm drains and head out to the Pacific Ocean. Ripping out Californians' lawns is...

Letter: Unwanted dangers of nighttime walks in Burbank

I have been a Burbank resident for more than six years and I live across the street from McCambridge Park. I usually walk around the park at night after dinner.

Letter: Thoughts on IKEA, traffic in Burbank

I am writing to concur with Sharon Springer’s letter to the editor. The city’s lack of preparedness and apparent disregard for the inevitable...

Letter: More of Burbank's McCambridge Pool water should be reused

The article highlights Burbank’s reuse of water in McCambridge Pool. It was stated that last summer, of the 350,000 gallons contained in the pool, 200,000...

Letter: Praise for Burbank Rock House story

I’d like to thank the Burbank Leader for Saturday’s article on the Rock House. This is truly a one-of-a-kind property and I am proud to...

Op-Ed: Gun violence in America can be stemmed

Last month, television screens carried the tragic news of yet another shooting, this time the horrific on-air murder of two Virginia television journalists, Alison Parker and Adam Ward. Anyone watching the events unfold could be forgiven if it felt like they had seen this nightmare before because...

Letter: IKEA should help us brace for impact

In response to the Leader’s question, “Is the city truly prepared in terms of traffic mitigation around these megastores?” With respect to the IKEA, the answer is an emphatic no!

Letter: The Burbank Town Center is falling apart

I was at the Burbank Town Center mall on Aug. 29 and parked in the structure on Third Street at Cypress Avenue. It was filthy and not maintained! Broken elevator, overflowing trash cans, cracked floor tiles, the handrails on the stairs were very dirty and mostly devoid of paint, doors into the...

Letter: Burbank leaders fail to engage the public

I often disagree with views expressed by Emzy Veazy III in the Leader, but his Sept. 2 letter is very true and reflects the feelings of many regular...

Letter: Redirect misguided sprinkler heads

I am a proud Burbank resident, and I am happy to see that homeowners are only watering on Tuesdays and Saturdays as instructed. I am writing this letter to request all Burbank homeowners take this a step further by checking their sprinkler heads. I enjoy a good walk through our beautiful...

Letter: Burbank Unified's new superintendent pushes up his sleeves

I am a student at John Muir Middle School. I thought the article said a lot about our new superintendent, Matt Hill. His actions showed...

Letter: Ideas to improve public participation

If our elected and nonelected city government leaders are truly interested municipal priorities and do want to succeed in community outreach to get more...

Letter: No new building -- protect Burbank's parks

The Burbank City Council needs to hear from everyone who wants to preserve our limited, irreplaceable open space. Nothing against the Boys & Girls Club, but their proposed new building would permanently deplete the amount of trees and parkland currently enjoyed by so many people.

Letter: Reunion planned to bring back the magic of Burbank eatery

The Magic Apple Inn, which was at the corner of Riverside Drive and West Olive Avenue in Burbank, was operated by an interesting cast of characters from Feb. 1, 1973 until New Year’s Eve of 1978. Owners were Ralph DeMartinis, the genius behind the menu, Joe DeMartinis, sometimes bartender...

Letter: FSA changes lives, has pressing needs

As I enter my first months as a Family Service Agency board member, I am learning some difficult truths to face in the FSA services to our Burbank family — and difficult subjects to discuss.

Letter: Burbank Advisory Council welcomes the public

We are all proud of our community and want it to be the best ever, and that means making it accessible for everyone. The Burbank Advisory Council on Disabilities meets every fourth Thursday and the next meeting is at 1 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 27, in room 104 at the Community Service Building.

Letter: Burbank could set a water-wise example

Although an increasing number of local homeowners are cognizant of the scarcity of water (with no end in sight) and incorporating more hardscape and native plants into their landscape design, there are still entire blocks in which huge verdant lawns are displayed at every home.

Letter: Park space is for all Burbank residents

Kudos to Mayor Bob Frutos and Councilman David Gordon for voting against the proposal to consider allowing the Boys & Girls Club to use space at the Larry L....

Letter: Drivers are only part of the problem

I am responding to Mr. Dickson's letter regarding automobile collisions with pedestrians and bicycles. Cars definitely cause the most damage...

Letter: Mind the stop signs on the bikeway

I agree with letter writer Patrick Dickson that there are more and more rude, distracted and speeding drivers in Burbank, and that does need...

Letter: What's really behind curbside project in Burbank?

I recently found an advertisement taped to my front door from “The Student Work Project” indicating they were painting numbers on our curbs to enable identification by fire, police and others wishing to locate our residence (no option out).

Letter: Burbank's wireless ordinance took collaboration

It looks as if the City Council will finally vote this Tuesday on the proposed update to Burbank's Wireless Telecommunications Facilities Ordinance. The proposed update marks the finish line for 3½ years of work drafting an ordinance which will offer better regulation of wireless facilities...

Letter: A drive to promote safe, shared streets in Burbank

Burbank students of all ages are returning to school — many walking or riding their bicycles to new schools, in new locations, while negotiating new I-5 construction detours.

Op-Ed: BUSD takes the lead on mental health

For too many children, the interrelationship between mental health problems and poor academic outcomes is a very real struggle. Their struggle is reflected in limited educational progress from their entry into school through their secondary school years.

Letter: Spreading thanks for a Burbank block party

Neighborhoods come together the first Tuesday of August each year to celebrate and thank those who serve our community, and get to know our neighbors. We had a very successful turn out for our event on Verdugo Avenue.

Letter: Congress must act to restore the VRA

The Voting Rights Act turns 50 — and Congress must restore its protections. Aug. 6 marked the 50th anniversary of the passage of the Voting Rights Act, landmark civil rights legislation for the protection of voters from discrimination. The VRA is one of the most significant laws ever passed by...

Op-Ed: Low-skill workers need a place to start

Calls for a “living wage” of $15 an hour have a very basic appeal. People with low incomes have it hard. Businesses have money. Therefore why not just require businesses to pay people more money? While this may be a compelling train of logic in its simplicity, it ignores significant...

Letter: Wage requirements have a downside

Mr. Aboulsaad's comments seem well intentioned, but he omits or is unaware of several facts that are grounded in economic reality.

Letter: Cyclists can be their own worst enemy

An HBO sports segment with Bryant Gumble I watched today on urban cycling and the difficulty of gaining more public support for increased bike lanes and getting people to consider bicycling around town for short distances got me thinking about how some bikers have made this a more difficult...

Read On: There's an app for angry mobs

Read On: There's an app for angry mobs

All anyone wanted to talk about this week was the story of the Dentist and the Lion. Sounds like the title of a children's book. But of course the tragic tale of Cecil and Minnesota dental practitioner Walter Palmer is anything but the stuff of fairy tales.

Letter: Many contributed to Burbank garden plans

Letter: Many contributed to Burbank garden plans

I am a master gardener and participated in the outreach meetings pertaining to the community garden that is planned for the corner of North Pass Avenue and Chandler Boulevard. Each one of the meetings was very well attended with 30 or 40 community members participating. The plan that was developed...

Letter: Burbank's positive role in the Special Olympics World Games

Letter: Burbank's positive role in the Special Olympics World Games

A sincere heartfelt “thank you” to all of our amazing sponsors; hardworking volunteers; dedicated staff members and all of the caring residents who came out last week in support of the Special Olympics.

Letter: Poorly sown plans for proposed garden in Burbank

Letter: Poorly sown plans for proposed garden in Burbank

The proposed Chandler Boulevard/Pass Avenue Community Garden is an exciting project idea which has been shamefully badly planned. Instead of bringing...

Letter: Minimum wage isn't enough to live on

Nine dollars an hour, think of living on that. An income of $18,720 a year minus taxes, minus healthcare, minus rent, minus bills and what's left?

Letter: BUR by any other name is still BUR

Letter: BUR by any other name is still BUR

Please permit a view from a distance on the issue of renaming Bob Hope Airport. I ask, “Why?”

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