Letter: 'Angel' volunteers refurbished bikes

Kudos to city employee Elaine Pease and her “band of angels.” For the past three years Elaine, former city employees, volunteers and family members have spent many days, hours and lots of energy collecting used bikes and refurbishing them into bright and shiny beautiful bicycles....

Letter: L.A. River bikeway is an unknown asset

Letter: L.A. River bikeway is an unknown asset

One of the best kept secrets in the San Fernando Valley is the L.A. River Bike Path that begins on the Griffith Park side of the Victory Boulevard freeway overpass and goes east nearly 10 miles to the I-5 overpass near Figueroa Street. The path is well paved, lit at night, and mostly flat to ride...

Letter: Campaign signs serve no purpose

Re: “The wrong season for campaigning,” Mailbag, Nov. 15. I agree with Mailbag contributor Betty Vanole, who is dismayed to see campaign signs posted on lawns before...

Letter: Yard signs aren't necessary yet

I noticed the letter to the editor in the Nov. 19 Leader in support of early campaign yard signs was from a Los Angeles resident and not a resident of Burbank. We don’...

Letter: Flight prices largely depend on timing

Re: letter from Jim Jansen, “Flight prices are too sky high,” Nov. 15. Mr. Jansen cites higher fares out of Burbank as his reason for choosing LAX.

Letter: First responders helped at sad time

This letter is to acknowledge and express our sincere appreciation for the outstanding and very compassionate service we received from the paramedics and firefighters of Station 12.

Op-Ed: Keeping our kids safe from predators

Families all over America rely on after-school programs, summer camps and other youth-serving institutions to get their children involved in activities that enrich their lives and help them grow up to be healthy, productive adults. Sadly, these programs can also be a vulnerable target for child...

Op-Ed: Paving the road to better transportation

Population densities in the Southland have increased dramatically over the last generation, and are slated to multiply further as large apartment structures go up across the city to meet the renewed demand for housing in urban centers. Meanwhile, the city is already mired by traffic congestion as it...

Letter: Chris Rizzotti is showing initiative

Recovering from possibly the lowest voter turnout election in Los Angeles County history you would think that the Burbank City Council candidates would gear up their campaigns and start talking to their residents. Considering Burbank has an election coming up in a couple of months, which in itself...

Letter: Talaria only benefits developer

Letter: Talaria only benefits developer

Recently, the City Council confirmed its support of the Saturday-only watering program until March, with the option of unrestricted hose use. This is a...

Letter: Physical fitness should start early

Re: “Tests show student fitness,” Nov. 12. Does anybody recall how President John Kennedy pushed for physical fitness programs in America because the kids were getting fat and...

Letter: The wrong season for campaigning

Shame on the Chris Rizzotti City Council campaign for posting signs so early in the election season. Weeks before Thanksgiving?

Letter: Flight prices are too sky high

I read with great interest the article on the Bob Hope Airport. All the ideas being discussed to improve passenger traffic left out the one huge impediment to flying in or out...

Letter: Restaurant's perk was a generous one

As a Vietnam vet, I appreciated the good Leader coverage of the Veteran's Day celebrations at McCambridge Park.

Letter: Announcing a run for the school board

My family immigrated to the United States in 1979, fleeing war-torn Southeast Asia. When they got to America they literally had nothing and no one; just the clothes on their backs and the audacity to provide their kids what they never received themselves: a quality, affordable education.

Letter: A different Will Rogers had this to say

As we sift through the ashes of the corporation-dominated midterm elections, the words of the late humorist Will Rogers ring truer than ever. In 1938 he said, “You'll never go broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people.”

Letter: Thoughts on politics and semantic choices

Re: “Seven make moves toward 2015 Council race,” Nov. 5). Webster’s New World College Dictionary defines “absurd” as “so clearly untrue or...

Letter: Online plan would save more water

Letter: Online plan would save more water

Re: “Residents ask officials to water down restrictions, Nov. 8. At the Nov. 4 council meeting, all the council members except Mayor Gordon voted to...

Letter: The public's only voice is its vote

It is very interesting that most of the readers who have written about the Talaria project and their concerns about environmental and traffic issues were silent when some of us expressed similar concerns about the impending IKEA disaster, which was also approved with minimal oversight and little...

Letter: Talaria project endangers children

As a parent of a former Stevenson Elementary student, I am shocked that nobody is seriously screaming about the impacts the Talaria development will have on the school.

Letter: Museum has signs of all shapes and sizes

In the Oct. 31 issue there was an article about preserving the historic signs of Burbank. The same article was picked up and run in the L.A. Times on Nov. 4.

Letter: Newsletter is out of date before it arrives

Coming home from work on Halloween night, I grabbed the mail and noticed my Burbank Water and Power bill contained the usual full-color monthly “newsletter.” Oh, there’s an upcoming City Council town hall meeting at Luther Middle School — great! Oh wait, that was 10 days ago....

Letter: Announcing a run for school board

I am writing today to formally announce my candidacy for the Burbank Board of Education.

Letter: Council doesn't represent citizens

The City Council recently gave the OK to the Talaria project with only one dissent — extremely disturbing! This badly situated, unnecessary project is a crime against...

Letter: We need a Walmart and not much else

When I have a special someone in my life, or a treasure that I care about, I try with all my heart to bring more caring to the relationship. Do you think the leaders of Burbank feels that way about our city? I think not.

Letter: 'Waste' is the word for proposed dog park

I’ve been reading in the Leader that certain individuals want a dog park in Burbank (“City talks possibility of building dog park,” Oct. 11). The cost would...

Letter: Meeting, Halloween event scheduled

There are two upcoming events that I want all Burbank residents to know about. As part of a long-standing tradition spanning over 25 years, the Burbank Optimist Club is hosting its annual Halloween Carnival at Vickroy Park on the spookiest night of the year, Oct. 31. The address is 2300 Monterey...

Letter: Development will do harm to the poor

A headline in the Oct. 18 edition of the Burbank Leader reads, “Council gives nod to Talaria.” This comes as no surprise.

Letter: The end result of unchecked waste

Re: “Wiggle room to water restrictions,” Mailbag, Oct. 22. Letter writer Robert Phipps should follow the example of many of my neighbors and simply ignore the...

Letter: Wiggle room to water restrictions

Thoughts on water: Starting Nov. 1, we're supposed to limit our landscape watering to once a week. But I'm sure that policy was determined based on data of historical temperatures.

Letter: Entering the race for a council seat

Letter: Entering the race for a council seat

Today I officially announce my candidacy for Burbank City Council.

Letter: Talaria is a gift to the Cusumanos

The recent news that the Burbank City Council gave its nascent approval for the Talaria project is more than sad. With the exception of Mayor David Gordon, who completely...

Letter: Free parking hits the sweet spot

I have been part of this Burbank community for 40 years — half of my life. I have often been so thankful for all of the free parking that this community offers to all of us. It is not to be taken for granted.

Letter: FSA helps the most vulnerable

The recent and ongoing national discussions regarding the occurrence of domestic violence by professional athletes are important. These events garnered national news coverage and provoked some thoughtful dialogue that was long overdue. But more importantly the coverage served to call attention to...

Letter: Join the meeting on accessibility

If you were wondering where you can go and who to talk to about accessibility in Burbank, come to the Community Room in the Community Service Building at 1 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 23. The building is on Third Street across from the Police and Fire Station.

Letter: Homeless issues need more addressing

A recent Leader story giving the details of the death of a 35-year-old woman in a park, who happened to be homeless, inspired me. It inspired me to think about...

Letter: Nonpartisan help is out there for voters

In the Nov. 4 General Election voters will be asked to vote on six statewide propositions. The League of Women Voters is a recognized leader in voter education, and we have many nonpartisan resources to help you understand the statewide propositions and the election process.

Letter: A checkup during check-in?

Re: “’Flightfeet’ to step out at Bob Hope,” Sept. 17. Aaah, progress!

Letter: "Ground Zero" reference was inappropriate

I watched the long council hearing on Talaria last night. Regardless of a speaker being for or against the project, it was good to see an open and public debate. That is both the Burbank and American way.

Letter: Did lawsuit story deserve front page?

Re: “Suit: Police failed to help” in the Burbank Leader, Oct. 8. Is it really necessary to put what appears to be a frivolous lawsuit...

Letter: Announcing a run for City Council

I am excited and proud to throw my hat in the ring and officially announce my candidacy for Burbank City Council. I look forward to representing everyone in Burbank fairly. I will run a positive campaign, one in which I will display integrity and honesty in all my interactions and treat all that I...

Letter: Story needs one more brush stroke

Letter: Story needs one more brush stroke

Thank you for covering the story “Recreating 'Treasure Island,’” (Sept. 27). It is wonderful to see our Burbank community come together to support the...

Op-Ed: Antiquated system is a ticket to frustration

There’s a minor song in the Johnny Cash canon called “Southwind” in which the narrator laments his inability to buy a train ticket. This makes him miserable. All the freedom and possibility symbolized by the train is officially out of his reach.

Letter: City's tree-trimming was a hatchet job

Since 1977 Burbank has been recognized as a “Tree City U.S.A” by the National Arbor Day Foundation. I believe the city no longer deserves that title after the kind of tree trimming work done around Burbank in recent years. Anyone driving down Magnolia Boulevard in the Magnolia Park...

Letter: BCC is in need of volunteers

Looking for a way to give back, help others, feel good? On Saturday, Oct. 11 the Burbank Coordinating Council will have volunteers (and yes, we need many more) standing outside 12 of our local stores collecting food for the annual Holiday Basket Program, which provides food and gifts to local low-...

Letter: Editorial on crash was in poor taste

I took offense to the presumptuous Burbank Leader editorial, “Grieving for all three victims of the crash” (Sept. 20), speculating that the absence of a fund for...

Letter: Child abuse leads down a dark path

Re: The Leader’s In Theory question centering on corporal punishment, Forum page, Sept. 20. My Aunt Ilse had been schooled in the pre-WWII German education system, where brutal...

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