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Car enthusiast 'flash mob' overtakes Empire Center in Burbank on election night

8:15 AM PST, November 7, 2012


As millions of Americans watched elections returns in angst Tuesday night, hundreds of people in Burbank had better things to do – a car enthusiast flash mob anyone?

Shortly after 7 p.m., car enthusiasts overtook the expansive Empire Center parking lot, prompting Burbank police to request assistance from Los Angeles, Glendale and the California Highway Patrol as they attempted to disperse a crowd estimated at one point to be more than 1,000 people.

It took police until nearly midnight to clear the parking lot – process that clogged surrounding streets as the massive crowd moved out.

No injuries were immediately reported, but several drivers were cited and at least one motorcycle was impounded.

--Jason Wells and Ross A. Benson, Times Community News

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