Celebrity traveler

Baltimore Ravens defensive end Arthur Jones on the beach at the Atlantis resort in Paradise Island, Bahamas. (Photo courtesy of Arthur Jones, Baltimore Sun / December 16, 2012)

Baltimore Ravens defensive end Arthur Jones just isn't going to stop running anytime soon. Certainly not while adding to his single-season career highs in tackles and sacks. And definitely not while keeping up with his younger brothers: Jon "Bones" Jones, who holds the light-heavyweight Ultimate Fighting Championship crown; and Chandler Jones, a rookie defensive end for the New England Patriots.

To broaden his athletic prowess, Jones, who also wrestled in high school, spends part of his off-season alongside brother Jon, training in martial arts. As if anticipating the question his fans are wondering, Jones' Twitter page declares, "People always ask me why I run so fast. … I tell them I'm chasing my dreams." Witnessing that impressive balance of determination and focused energy these past few weeks got us wondering if Jones ever unwinds.

As a Ravens player, you travel a great deal with the team. So when you finally have time off, where do you like to go?

I try to make an annual trip, with my brother [Jon] or by myself, to the Bahamas. Its just so beautiful there, so peaceful … and great weather. It's easy, just a short flight.

Where do you stay?

Nassau, at The Cove — right at Atlantis [resort] … so beautiful, right on the beach.

What time of year do you like to visit?

Earlier in the off-season, like February-March. I try to go to Disney World first with my son and afterwards I go to the Bahamas.

How did you discover this getaway spot?

The first time I went with my brother and a whole bunch of UFC fighters. I had such a good time that now I try to go back and make it a yearly thing.

What do you like to do there?

Swim with the dolphins, parasailing, fishing. … I try to do a little bit of everything. They have a lazy river and waterslides. When I'm there, I'm just a big kid, I just want to enjoy myself as much as possible and get away from it all. I am a beach person and I like to be out there all day.

Can you describe your favorite day?

It was my first day there. When I first arrived, it was raining, and I thought, "Oh man, my trip's going to be ruined," but then it became beautiful and I got outside and saw the view, ate dinner and loved doing absolutely nothing.

Where do you eat?

I like to get off the resort, venture out and find little restaurants where I can have a cocktail and just enjoy eating dinner.

Do you have a favorite cocktail there?

A pina colada; you can't go wrong.

Do you have to do anything to stay in shape when you are on vacation?