Prostitution is described as the oldest trade known to man. When it came to its promotion, authorities described Anna Gristina, aka the Upper East Side madam, as very good.

The judicial journey from a shuttered Upper East Side crash pad to a jury's verdict was to be one of the city's most sexy prostitution cases in years.

The cast of characters resembled the finest that daytime drama scripts had to offer. An upstate suburban housewife from Scotland who rescues pigs and moonlights as a madam, a sultry accomplice, power players from politics and law enforcement, the aforementioned UES crash pad, and of course a media mosh pit at every appearance.

Even a lowbrow cameo on Dr. Phil, along with a revolving door of lawyers was thrown into the mix to satisfy the raunchy punch list.

The tease in all this, whether or not Gristina would give up the names of any of the aforementioned powerful men. The implication of one key figure would add another dimension for the broadcast cameras as well as the flashbulbs of the fish wraps.

Ultimately the loose lips of the sultry accomplice, Jaynie Mae Baker, cooperated with prosecutors according to Gristina's husband as well as her counsel.

Gristina on the other hand never gave up a name. Although she did cop a plea nearly two months ago, the 43-year-old on Tuesday morning was sentenced to six months but credited for time served.

Before rolling away from Manhattan Criminal Court in her Range Rover, Gristina did express to a PIX 11 News that she was relieved, but not necessarily victorious, "That is open to interpretation," then immediately she pivoted to banking on her ordeal in the immediate future, "In the book deal, I'm sure that you guys will have a different opinion of everything."

Gristina admitted that she is in negotiations for a book deal and her representative is Howard Kaminsky a literary heavyweight.

Kelvin Gorr, Gristina's husband, sat down with PIX 11 news for a lengthy chat after court. "I think we're still in disbelief that this is all happening," Gorr said less than an hour before his wife was released.

Married 11-years ago after meeting at a nightclub and a quick courtship, Gorr acknowledged that his wife has a scarlet letter on her and that they will need, "some deep counseling or something."

But he also added, that the experience had brought them together closer than ever, "For a lot of people this would cause a huge division, we both have a good sense of loyalty and to stand by one another and to protect each other and I think this just reassured everything."

As for the most challenging aspect of the last nine months? Trying to explain to his children that their mother is not a pimp. This is exactly what the District Attorney's office labeled her in a statement following sentencing.

Gore's approach towards his son is simple, "I tell him not to believe everything he reads, everything he sees, and just judge her for her."

When asked if at any point whether or not he questioned his wife? "Maybe," he then added, "You know what? Even though if she was right or if she was wrong, to me it's not a huge big deal."

The family plans on spending Thanksgiving upstate with relatives. Their primary concerns are all but gone. However, there is one still lingering, a potential deportation to Scotland for Gristina.