Thousands of cold and anxious LIPA customers waited for electricity on Long Island Tuesday.

In Oceanside the neighborhoods were dark. Only generators powered some businesses and lights. More than a week after Sandy pummeled Long Island, power lines remained tangled in leaning trees.

Alex Lazerson, a resident on Bunker Drive, worried this week's coming Nor'easter could push down nearby trees. "Just a little wind is just going to push it some more. I know there's one right across the street that's picked up the sidewalk a little bit, but that's not their concern right now," said Lazerson.

He was referring to the Long Island Power Authority. As of Tuesday morning, LIPA reported more than 200,000 customers were still without power. LIPA said it hopes to have 90 percent of its customers up and running by Wednesday night.

Earlier this week as LIPA worked to restore power, Congressman Peter King slammed the utility.

"LIPA's failure to keep customers informed of the latest information on conditions and improvements is simply unacceptable," said King. "County Executive Mangano and I have heard so many complaints from many Long Island towns and neighborhoods about the 'arrogant' and unhelpful attitude of so many of LIPA employees as well as LIPA's failure to respond to legitimate inquiries from those without power."

And King was not alone in criticism of the region's power companies.

"To say that I am angry, to say that I am frustrated, disappointed would be the understatement of the decade," said Governor Andrew Cuomo. "I think the utility companies have not performed adequately. I have let them know that. I have let them know that repeatedly. I have let them know that in no uncertain terms."

And while LIPA said it hopes to reach its 90 percent milestone Wednesday night, it is not including customers in the Rockaway Peninsula, Long Beach, Atlantic Beach and Fire Island. Many homes and businesses in those areas are badly damaged and unable to accept electric service.

Oceanside resident Alex Lazerson tried to remain optimistic before the coming storm. When will he get his power back? "Just hoping maybe today. It would be nice," he said.